Qigong And The Path To Your Center

Qigong, which is also referred to as Chi Gong, was developed by Taoist monks in China, but has recently surged in popularity in Western civilization.

Using Qugong Today

In 1989, Qigong was recognized as a standard medical technique in China, and in 1996, China officially listed Qigong in their National Health Plan. It is now included in medical curriculum at major universities in China.

More than 10,000 styles of Qigong are practiced today by more than 200 million people seeking good health, lasting youth, longevity, inner peace, and spirituality. Qigong is still associated with martial arts and meditation practiced by Taoist and Buddhist monks.

Health Benefits Provided By Qigong

Qigong is most commonly used to:

  • improve digestion
  • strengthen blood circulation
  • prevent and cure disease
  • increase your lifespan

Qigong accomplishes these health benefits and possibly more by improving blood circulation to the brain, vital organs, intestines, and endocrine glands. The increased blood circulation from Qigong results in increased sex drive, increased growth hormones, and increased muscular endurance.

It is believed that through Qigong, a form of meditation combined with simple movements and breathing, you can direct the flow of your body’s energy to prevent and cure disease, increase strength, and advance spiritually. Some even believe that Qigong practice can reverse the aging process and enhance your quality of life.  It is not uncommon for Qigong practitioners to look decades younger than they actually are, and it is believed that some can even heal others.

Finding Your Center Through Qigong

Through meditation, breathing, and exercise, Qigong practice will help you find the path to your center by making you sensitive to the internal operations of your body, and your body’s place in the universe. Qigong helps to bring focus to the relationship between body and mind.

It is believed that through Qigong practice, you can gain spirituality as well as enhanced physical health benefits.

Qigong involves fun and dynamic movements that create magnetic energy fields. The energy fields can be felt pulsating in your hands. This is called the “Qi Feeling.” You can learn Qigong through martial arts classes, DVDs, or Qigong schools.


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