Putting Together a Stoppable Weight Gain Program

Putting together a weight gain program that actually helps you stop and prevent weight gain isn’t an unrealistic goal. Not only is it doable, but the best program is the one that is uniquely suited for your own weight gain issues. It starts with evaluating how successful you are in the following lifestyle areas and what changes you need to make in each area to facilitate personal success!


Stopping weight gain or maintaining your goal weight means proper nutrition. Start by keeping a food journal of everything you eat for a few days. As you review it, you should find it packed with lots of low calorie vegetables, small but consistent portions of lean protein, a moderate amount of whole grains and fruits, and plenty of healthy seeds and nuts. Eliminate processed sugars, any saturated fats and consciously control your calorie intake. 


Starting or maintaining an aggressive workout program is key to weight loss and weight management. Are you mixing both cardiovascular and weight lifting exercise each week? Cardio is essential for burning fat, but strength training with weights boosts metabolism. Alternate both each week or choose a circuit training schedule that incorporates both, multiple times each week, for maximum weight loss benefits.


Are you getting at least 6 hours of sleep each night? Adequate rest is not only important for weight loss, but is also essential to keep from gaining weight. Review your daily sleep patterns and adjust your schedule to get a minimum of 6 hours of weight stopping sleep each night!


Stress can increase belly fat and reduce your ability to lose weight. If you have a high level of work or personal stress in your life, learn some tension-reducing techniques like meditation, yoga, stretching or deep breathing to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your weight loss goals!

Portion Control

Weight management is most effective with 6 small, low fat meals and snacks each day (instead of 3 large meals). Smaller portions consumed periodically throughout the day keep your metabolism burning and prevent overeating and unhealthy binging that leads to weight gain.

A healthy body weight is not about being skinny, but about combining food, exercise and rest in a way that provides optimal health. 


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    I have a different problem with my weight gain, My weight gain started over 2yrs ago, My health has been difficult with an underactive thyroid that has taken over a year to get under control and still unknown about major stomache problems, I do not eat much but yet i weigh 244lbs at 4″ll and 43years old, because of my stomach problems sometimes i may eat 1egg 1piece of toast , lunch 1/2 of a sandwich and dinner i use a small plate and usually i still can’t eat all of it. Although i have not gained any more weight i cannot seem to lose it either. My question is there anybody who can help me lose 124lbs , and how do i do it!