Protein Function in the Body: Why It’s Important

We know we need protein and that protein function is necessary in the body. Protein is essential to sustaining life. If there is no protein in the body, the body would completely shut down. Because of protein, every chemical reaction in the body can happen and protein also provides energy. Protein is very important to the body in numerous ways and without it, we would not be able to function.

Storage and Transportation

Protein helps in the creation of life, and it also helps other substances in the body to move such as hemoglobin, myoglobin and ferritin.  Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the red blood cells.  Myoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body and ferritin helps to store iron and blood in the liver. Transportation of blood throughout the body happens due to protein and without protein, there would be no transportation or storage.

Tissue and Cell Growth

Building and repairing of body tissues and muscles is helping with protein. The body is always creating new tissues for places such as skin, hair and nails. When the old tissues and cells die, new ones need to be created. The creation of new tissues and cells keeps the body healthy, and protein is a driving force behind this process.


Collagen is the most common protein found in the body. This is a protein that helps with structure. This gives strength to the tissues and helps them to stay strong. This is needed in places such as the skin and joints where the body is more prone to wear and tear.  Protein helps to keep these areas strong.

The human body is about 45% protein. Protein is essential to keeping the body in a healthy state. Eating foods rich in protein, such as eggs, milk, grapes and meat, will keep the body strong and healthy for a long time to come.


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