Pros and Cons of the Eat-Clean Diet

The Eat Clean Diet was invented by Oxygen Magazine columnist Tosca Reno. She based her diet on her own weight loss journey, during which she lost a lot of weight and completely changed her diet and lifestyle. Here are the pros and cons of the Eat Clean Diet.

1) Pro: The Eat Clean Diet is Nutritious

The Eat Clean Diet advocates balanced nutrition that draws on all major food groups. You won’t need a dietary supplement while on this diet, because the eat clean diet encourages eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. It’s also high in essential fatty acids. The Eat Clean Diet encourages dieters to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods, a switch that cuts most calories and leads to better overall health.

2) Pro: You Won’t Feel Hungry on this Diet

Reno advises dieters to eat several small meals throughout the course of the day. Eating this way keeps blood sugar levels stable to reduce food cravings and feelings of hunger. You’re allowed to have one “cheat meal” per week to help stave off cravings for your favorite fatty foods and feelings of deprivation.

3) Pro: The Eat Clean Diet Teaches Dieters How to Eat Healthy

Unlike many diets, the Eat Clean Diet teaches dieters about proper nutrition and how to control portion sizes. The Eat Clean Diet offers recipes and menu plans and helps dieters learn how to perform a nutritional analysis of their meals.

4) Con: The Eat Clean Diet is Strict

The Eat Clean Diet is a very strict diet plan that requires dieters to eliminate sugars, alcohol, prepared and processed foods and simple or refined carbohydrates. The Eat Clean Diet doesn’t offer advice for eating out; in fact, Reno suggests that dieters refrain from eating out entirely. Not dining out isn’t realistic for most people.

Because the Eat Clean Diet is so strict, is requires a lot of motivation and enormous self discipline. For these reasons, the Eat Clean Diet may not be right for everyone.

5) Pro: The Eat Clean Diet Encourages Exercise

Unlike some other diets, the Eat Clean Diet doesn’t attempt to eliminate appropriate physical exercise from the weight loss paradigm. While a low calorie, restrictive diet can help you lose weight, regular moderate exercise is necessary to boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat as fuel rather than storing it in fat cells. Moderate exercise also has a number of other health benefits, including increased strength, flexibility and balance.

6) Pro: The Eat Clean Diet Helps Motivate Dieters

Reno tells her own personal weight loss story to readers as she explains the Eat Clean Diet. Reno’s story is inspiring, and can help dieters with flagging motivation find the strength to make necessary changes in their own diets and lifestyles.

7) Pro: The Eat Clean Diet Encourages a Healthy Rate of Weight Loss

Losing significant amounts of weight rapidly can be dangerous. If you follow the Eat Clean Diet, you’ll lose weight more slowly, but you’ll feel better while dieting and you’ll be more likely to keep the weight off.



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