Pros and Cons of the Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet was designed by Sally Van Voak, a British diet author and editor. Voak believes that for chocolate lovers, trying to eliminate chocolate from the diet, even for a short period of time, is unrealistic and may hinder weight loss. This is because that behavior encourages cravings, feelings of deprivation and binging. The Chocolate Diet allows dieters to lose weight by eating a diet that includes small amounts of chocolate. Here are the pros and cons of the Chocolate Diet.

Pro: You Can Eat Chocolate on the Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet is a great diet for chocoholics who want to lose weight. For many, the idea of giving up chocolate makes dieting unbearable. Voak maintains that you can still lose weight by eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular moderate exercise and eating a limited amount of chocolate. You won’t feel deprived of chocolate on this diet and you’ll be better able to deal with chocolate cravings since you’re allowed to have a small amount of chocolate; for these reasons, you’ll be more able to stick to the diet and lose weight.

Pro: Chocolate Can Be Good for You

Numerous medical studies have shown that eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate each day has great health benefits. Dark chocolate supports cardiovascular health and can prevent heart attack and stroke. The antioxidants in dark chocolate prevent cancer, and dark chocolate is low on the glycemic index so it can help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Dark chocolate supports cognitive function, and it may even help strengthen your teeth.

However, milk and white chocolate don’t have these benefits. Get the most out of the Chocolate Diet by sticking to dark chocolate as much as possible.

Pro: The Chocolate Diet Helps You Maintain Your Weight Loss

The Chocolate Diet teaches dieters how to begin and maintain a regular exercise schedule, to help burn fat and boost metabolism. The Chocolate Diet also offers a precise diet maintenance schedule to help dieters achieve long term weight loss.

Con: Calorie Intake is Low on the Chocolate Diet

The Chocolate Diet requires dieters to severely restrict calorie consumption, meaning that many dieters won’t get the calories they need to maintain normal activities. You could suffer from hunger on this diet, and you may experience low blood sugar levels, weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

Con: The Chocolate Diet May Backfire

For many, eating a small amount of chocolate can help to curb cravings. But for many others, eating a small amount of chocolate only makes cravings worse. For these dieters, the Chocolate Diet makes binging on chocolate too tempting.

Con: The Chocolate Diet Doesn’t Help You Plan Your Meals

The Chocolate Diet doesn’t offer dieters specific instruction on how to choose healthy foods, prepare healthy meals and serve appropriate portions. You’re unlikely to learn how to eat well for life on this diet.

Con: The Chocolate Diet is Unrealistic

The Chocolate Diet promises up to seven pounds of weight loss in as little as one week. Rapid weight loss on this scale is unrealistic, and it’s dangerous to attempt.


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