Pros and Cons of the Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet was created by Peter J. D’Adamo. He also wrote a book called “Eat Right 4 Your Type.” The blood type diet is a personalized approach to eating based on your specific blood type. The idea for this diet is based on lectins. These protein-like compounds are found in all foods. The amount of lectins in food will vary. They will attach to different cells throughout the body and will react with different blood types to cause a wide variety of health problems, such as an inability to lose weight. To combat these lectins, certain foods need to be eaten and others should be avoided. Because of the specificity of this diet, there are many skeptics about whether or not this diet really does what it claims to do.

Pro: Designed for Each Blood Type

Each blood type has its own specific diet plan and exercise regimen. People with type O blood lose more weight when they engage in intense physical exercise. Type O’s should also follow a diet that is heavy in protein and light on diary and grains. People with type A blood should do calming exercises, such as yoga and tai chi. Their diet should be a vegetarian diet. Type B’s should do moderate exercises, such as cycling or swimming. Their diets should have restrictions on dairy. And those with type AB blood should follow a combination plan for Type A and B blood types.

Con: Might Not be Right For You

With each blood type, a specific diet and exercise plan needs to be followed. Even though these may be the best options for your blood type, they may not be the best ways to motivate you to lose weight. Perhaps you don’t like calming exercises or you don’t like the idea of a vegetarian diet. People stick to diets more often when they are enjoying what they are doing and not being forced to make drastic changes.

Pro: People Have Had Great Results

The Internet is a great resource and many websites have been set up for the blood type diet. On these sites, you can see first-hand accounts of how the diet worked for various people. You can also look to these sites for support during your weight-loss journey.

Con: Little Research to Support This Diet

The blood type diet makes a lot of claims, but there is not a lot of scientific research to back them up. Because of the lack of research, many people are unsure of whether or not to follow this diet.

The blood type diet is a diet that is based on each individual blood type. Each blood type reacts differently in the body, so the theory behind the diet is that by eating the foods that react best with your blood type, the weight loss process can be done faster and more efficiently.


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