Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Club

The biggest loser club is an online resource designed to support people who are trying to lose weight and get in shape. The online club originated subsequent to the hit reality television show where contestants compete to see who has lost the most weight in the time frame of the show for each season. To join the biggest loser club, it costs $30 for 3 months or $20 for one month. There’s often a deal where in the 3 month plan, you get 3 free books that include recipes, workout routines, and stories of success from the television show.

The Premise

The biggest loser club claims to help you lose weight, but makes no specific claims about how much weight or how fast. The idea is that with expert advice and a supportive online community, you’ll have better success at losing the weight and keeping it off. The club membership gets you access to experts in nutrition and fitness who will answer specific questions you have via email on the website. The experts will help you determine how many calories you should eat and will help you design a menu plan. You also have access to daily menu plans and exercise guides, forms to track your progress, and a large online community. You can create a buddy system with other members and there are even competitions you can join for free to help motivate you further.

Using the Club

There are several good ways to make the most of your membership. The 3 free books give you a lot of information concerning specific recipes and diet plans. One of the books has detailed pictures of exercises to do and creates specific routines for you. You keep these books even after your membership expires. It’s also good to create a network of friends on the site and to join a competition or two.

The biggest loser club gives you advice you’d otherwise pay a lot more for. The nutritionists and other experts have a lot of experience with people who have a huge amount of weight to lose or just a little weight to lose. They actually answer your questions too! The community aspect is also very important for anyone trying to lose weight permanently. The site’s design seems to encourage contact amongst members. The people on the site are generally really supportive and will contact you if you get behind on your activity level.

Things to Consider

Sometimes join the biggest loser club thinking that it will be a magical solution to their weight loss problems. It always comes down to your own life changes and your body’s ability to drop weight. This is just a supportive resource that can help you. Some people also may think that they’re weight loss results will be the same as the people from the television show. Remember that those results are not typical so that you do not get discouraged. In joining the club, you also may hear bad advice and poorly communicated feedback from other members. This is rare, however, because most members want to be supportive and positive.

The Verdict

The biggest loser club can be an excellent resource for anyone who is trying to lose weight. It’s a good adjunct to solid medical advice and in-person nutritional and psychological support.



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