Pros and Cons of the Anne Collins Diets

The Anne Collins diet is different than most that are promoted today. This is a diet with no gimmicks or expensive gadgets. Anne Collins has been a certified nutritionist for over 30 years and is well respected in the field of diet and nutrition. She has been published in several top rated magazines promoting her diet and healthy eating lifestyle. 

Good Natural Food

Starting the Anne Collins diet, you will eat 6 meals a day, exercise 20 to 30 minutes a day, and eat a variety of foods. No foods are off limit. The diet is made up of natural foods and promotes good health. 

Variety of Plans Available

The diet uses nine different plans, all having been approved by doctors. This provides more freedom of choice. A variety of fruits and vegetables are included in these plans. There is a plan for the vegetarian diet and fast food suggestions are available as needed. You simply choose the best program for you. 

The Pros

On the pro side, the diet is very affordable, and there are no diet pills or expensive foods needed. With the nine different plans available most people find foods to satisfy their taste. Anne Collins is proud of her program and has managed to keep it simple and easy to follow. She gives a 100% guarantee that you will lose weight. The diet lists no foods off limit and you eat six meals a day. Community forums are available to provide motivation for achieving success. Tips on dieting and exercise are available to help you on your way. Meal plans and a guide to eating out are also available.

 The Cons

The down side to this diet might be the way the site is set up. It is very cluttered and hectic with lots of traffic. Fast foods are allowed on this diet and could seem unhealthy. The advice that is given on the exercises is hard to follow in some areas.

 Diet for a Life Time

Diets flood the market today and many have tried them only to fail and go back to their old eating habits. The Anne Collins’ diet consists of natural foods and lists foods eaten every day. There is a wide variety of low cost food choices that can be eaten on the plan. Membership for a year is only $20. Most people live life on the run and a meal from the fast food place is sometimes needed. The exercise may be hard to fit in everyday, but if you eat right and keep your energy up, you can find the time to exercise. The motivational tips would help deal with any negative emotions. The community forum is available for discussing problems or questions. If you prefer natural foods and a variety of plans that guide you along your way, then the Anne Collins diet might be one that would appeal to you. 


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