Pros and Cons of the Anabolic Diet

When on the Anabolic Diet, an individual will switch her eating plan on the weekdays and the weekend. During the weekdays, the dieter will focus on a low carbohydrate diet, with the recommended formula of 60% fat, 30% protein and no more than 25% carbohydrates. This breaks down to no more than 30g of carbs per day. On the weekends, this formula switches and dieters eat a formula that is 15% protein, 15 to 20% fat and 65% carbohydrates. The guideline is to consume 5 to 8g of carbohydrates per pound of body weight. For a 150-pound person, this would mean between 750 to 1,200 g of carbs per day. This article will discuss the pros and cons in regards to the Anabolic Diet.

Pro: Variation

If you are a person who likes switch things up every few days, then this could be an excellent choice. You are never on the same eating plan for more than 5 days. The diet is structured into three phases: start-up, mass and cutting. The start-up is designed to lose fat and help build muscle. This phase last 3 to 4 weeks. Once the body has gone through the metabolism shift, you will switch to the mass and cutting phases. During all three phases, you will remain on the weekday low carbohydrate diet and weekend high carbohydrate diet. This prevents boredom and hopefully will help you remain on this diet.

Pro: Weekend Eating

For most of us, our most frequent social time with friends and family is on the weekends. The Anabolic Diet is designed so you do not need to skip out on these gatherings or tell everyone you are on a diet. Due to the carbohydrate heavy weekends, you will be able to eat normally at weekend events and be able to take that mental break from the hard week of low carbohydrate eating.  

Pro: Increases Muscle Mass

The Anabolic Diet allows you to increase muscle mass without taking chemicals or drugs. This diet naturally maximizes production and utilization of testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. This leads to an increase in strength and endurance.

Con: Physical Side Effects

If you have ever tried a low carbohydrate diet before, then you may have suffered from headaches, fatigue and lack of energy. The side effects are the worst during the first week of this diet, when you will be shifting from burning muscle and carbohydrates for energy to fat. During this time, Dr. Di Pasquale warns of mental fogginess and fatigue.

Con: Carbohydrate Overload

The creator of the Anabolic Diet, Dr. Di Pasquale, warns against overloading with carbohydrates on the weekends. You may make yourself sick if you eat too many carbohydrates on the weekends. During the first few high carbohydrate weekends, you should slowly consume your carbohydrates to determine how your body will respond.

Con: Health Risk

The health risks of the Anabolic Diet, or any low carbohydrate diet, are unclear to physicians. Science supports the fact that low carbohydrate diets can negatively affect one’s kidneys and liver. Furthermore, during the low carbohydrate phase of this diet, you are advised to eat 60% fat. This high fat diet can negatively affect your heart and digestive tract. If you have kidney, liver or heart problems, steer clear of the Anabolic Diet.


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