Pros and Cons of the Abs Diet

The Abs Diet is a weight loss plan that was developed by David Zinczenko, who is the editor of Men’s Health magazine. This diet was designed for men to focus on getting rid of their beer bellies.  The focus of this diet is the stomach area because that is an area most men have issues with and would like to improve. The Abs Diet claims that if you follow the plan, you will get those flat abdominal muscles.

Pro: Involves Eating Healthy Foods.

One of the main focuses of The Abs Diet is eating healthy foods. This is the basis of any good diet and exercise plan. Saturated fats are also avoided on The Abs Diet. Saturated fats are a huge problem for the stomach, so to reduce the fat around the abdominal muscles, saturated fats are left out of the diet. There are 12 “power foods” that the diet promotes. These make losing weight around the stomach area easier. Some of these foods are berries, whole grains and green vegetables.

Con:  Focuses Mainly on the Stomach

This diet was created to focus only on the stomach and abdominal area. This can be a drawback for some people who need help in the abdominal area but still want a diet that overhauls the entire body. When doing The Abs Diet, extra work will need to be done to have an entire body transformation. 

Pro:  Everything for this Diet is Online

Any information that anyone would want to know about The Abs Diet is available online.  A quick search will bring up websites that explain how the diet is done and any tips to make the process go faster.  There are also before and after pictures that can be seen, as well as first-hand accounts of how the diet worked or did not work for people.  There are even sites set up for people who are following the diet to get support along their journey. 

Con:  Primarily Geared Towards Men

This magazine focuses on the man’s body and how to keep it healthy.  Women also see their stomach as a trouble zone and want a diet to help them in that area. Therefore, a separate version of The Abs Diet, called The Abs Diet for Women, was created. Not all women know about this version, so if they were to follow the original Abs Diet, they may not get the results they are looking for.

The Abs Diet was created to combat any excess fat around the abdominal area. There is a food plan to follow and an exercise regimen that needs to be done. A lot of research was done when creating this diet, but no scientific studies have been done to back up any claims made by this diet. While this diet does have many success stories, know that there is no support for those claims and the results that are claimed that can be achieved may not be what you experience personally.


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