Pros and Cons of the 4 Day Diet

The 4 Day Diet, by Ian K. Smith, M.D. is a common sense weight lost plan that helps you succeed through mental preparation. Dr. Smith is an American physician and author. He has written three other books about weight loss.

Through his years of experience helping people get in shape, Dr. Smith learned that those who mentally prepared themselves fared better in their effort to slim down than those who didn’t. The 4 Day Diet doesn’t ignore the necessity of cutting calories and stepping up nutrition, but the focus is to mentally prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Do this, Dr. Smith believes, and you will succeed. The 4 Day Diet is an uncomplicated guide that gets you motivated, helps you create realistic goals, and shows you how to avoid pitfalls.

The diet is a modular eating plan, and each module provides a separate focus. A module lasts 4 days, to keep you from getting fed up, to rev up your metabolism and to help you stay on track. You can follow them in any order, with the exception of the Induction and Transition modules. Induction gets you off to a good start by detoxifying your body and you should always follow with Transition.

Throughout each module, you can choose how and when to eat, from a list of food for the day.

Menu Examples

Induction Module: Fruit, fat-free yogurt, beans.

Transition Module: Veggies, berries, turkey/chicken/fish.

Protein Stretch Module: Eggs, sandwich with lean meat, cooked vegetables.

Smooth Module: Whole-grain bread, blueberries, two slices of pizza.

Push Module: Egg whites, bacon, veggies, lean meat.

Pace Module: Cereal, fat-free yogurt, cooked vegetables, lean meat.

Vigorous Module: Fat-free yogurt, soup, cooked veggies.

Pros of the 4 Day Diet

You will lose weight on the 4 Day diet. You might also drop a few LDL (bad) cholesterol points. Each module is interchangeable so you’re not as inclined to get trapped by the grind of eating the same old things day after day. Dr. Smith provides you with substitution lists so you can change out things you don’t like to eat. The 4-day concept works; four-day stints don’t seem quite so endless. It gives you the feeling that you can do this, and just when you’re sure you can’t go another day, you’ve reached the end of the module and can switch to another. The mental preparation really does help.

Cons of the 4 Day Diet

“Exercise is non-negotiable”. That’s straight from the lips of Dr. Smith. You know you should exercise, but if you really hate exercising, this is a tough weight loss plan to stick with. Each module comes with its own rigorous resistance and cardio workout and it’s quite a lot–in general up to 40 minutes every other day. The menu plan, while varied, offers nothing new from other diets. It is all low/no-fat, lean meat and lots of fruit, veggies, legumes and grains.


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