Prism Diet

The Prism Diet is a combination of a reduced carb diet mixed with Christian based principles. The program is designed to not only lose weight, but also overcome food addiction. Originally founded in 1990, it was released as a book in 2006. The book is a general overview of the program, along with daily reading that will help you get through the tough times on the diet. There are various levels of participation.

Purchase the book and follow the diet plan as listed.

Join local meetings at a participating church
Enroll in an ‘at home’ program. If you purchase the at home program, it will cover the same materials used at the local meetings.

The program is 24 weeks long. It is broken up in to 4, 6-week programs. You can enroll for as many or few as you like, depending on your goals. If you are purchasing materials to follow the program, you will spend around $60 per phase. This includes a daily workbook, a weekly DVD program, and an audio program to help you stick to the plan and tackle the real reason that you have been overeating in the past.

You can learn more about Prism on the official website.


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