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  • P.

    I wanted to print out your “weight loss progress chart.” But advertisements are covering the page and making it into a disorganized 3 page document rather than a neat single page document. Any help you can offer in fixing this would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • 3FC

    Click the Printer Icon that appears just under the date above the chart, and it will display a full page printable version that does not contain any columns or ads. 🙂

  • TeresaUK

    Very useful Chart, thank you. Hope you will update it quarterly.

  • Helen

    Feb. 23, 2009

    I am new to your site and I have just printed out your printable weight loss progress chart. Before I used to have to make my own & it was a real bore, but this is such a helpful tool. I love your web site and will be visiting often as I begin my journey of losing weight.


  • WBL

    Thank you for this weight loss progress chart. I, too, will visit your website on my weight-loss journey .

  • Kathaleen

    I have been using this chart for over a year and it is very helpful. I weigh myself every day and this keeps me where I want to be.

  • angela

    thankyou, this is the best chart i could find online. Very useful.

  • Anna

    Love the chart, funny thing I just told my bestie that I would set a mini goal from today – Apr. 29 because that is when we are headed off for Vacation! That is the exact dates on the first Column! 🙂

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for making such a great chart available. It is simple and to the point. Just what I need. Thanks so much!

  • Kim Kelly

    THANK you!!! This Printable Weight Tracking Chart is my Thanksgiving Day dessert…..It brings a smile to my face and accountability to my hand, lifting that last stale holiday pumpkin bar to my lips….You guys are great – building a community for all of us who seek to be heard, longing for a soft place to fall, and are delighted by new friends with commonalities. THANK you!!!

  • paul lorah

    i am losin weight an d want to keep track of it

  • Deb

    I searched online several years ago for a weight chart to keep track of my progress. I found your chart and have used it and found it to be very helpful. I love the fact that I can come back to your sight and print a new chart with new dates each time my chart ends. Also, I enjoy reading the articles from the site and comments from other users. Congratulations on this website. I’m sure it has helped more people than you know. Good job and thanks.

  • Kelsey

    Before the new website (it looks so pretty, btw) 🙂 there was a “print” icon above the chart, I don’t see that now… How do I print now? I have 15 pages of this going back several years, its the handiest chart I have ever found online! Thank you for sharing!

  • damon

    Miss the one click print button, sigh.

  • Kelsey

    Still no response from the site 2 months later??