Preventing Breast Cancer with Cod Liver Oil Early in Life

High quality cod liver oil has received enormous attention in the media, due to its efficacy in preventing breast cancer. Cod liver oil is considered to be a significant super food that you can take early in life, to help eliminate the risks of breast cancer. You can easily incorporate cod liver oil into your diet by consuming fresh cod liver, or by simply taking supplements if you are unable to maintain a healthy diet.

How Does It Work?

In case controlled studies, evidence supported the fact that cod liver oil was able to reduce breast cancer risks in rats that were exposed to radiation. These studies showed that mammary tumors were less likely to develop because vitamin D has the ability to control cancer cells. This theory has been proven effective since cod liver oil is a good source of vitamin D, vitamin A and essential fatty acids.

In addition to preventing breast cancer, cod liver oil has also been suggested as a great potential to support heart health, bone health to fight depression. It is important that you take high quality cod liver oil that does not contain mercury or various environmental pollutants.

Cod Liver Oil Side Effects

There are no known harmful side effects that have been associated with taking cod liver oil. The only occasional side effects are usually heartburn, burping and bad breath. These side effects can be dramatically reduced if the oil is taken with meals. It is considered unsafe to take cod liver oil if you are breast feeding or pregnant.


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