Prepare for a Pilates Class for Beginners

When you decide to do something good for yourself and your body, one thing to think about is taking a Pilates class. Pilates is an exercise class that involves specialized equipment, as well as very basic necessities. The Pilates exercise program was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is currently a popular exercise class and for good reason. Pilates focuses on some key areas such as breathing, concentration, control and flow. When you are ready to attempt a Pilates class, there are things you can do to prepare.

Check out a Class Ahead of Time

The first thing you should do is attend a Pilate’s class to observe. This will allow you to become familiar with the equipment that is during Pilate’s classes; the reformer and Cadillac, for example. This will also allow you to find the Pilates instructor that is best for you. The best option is to find an instructor that is certified to teach Pilates. The instructor should be clear and informative while teaching and should be able to offer you a beginner’s course of action.

Invest in Pilates Attire and in a Pilates Mat

When you decide to take a beginner’s Pilates class, you will want to start with a mat routine. Some Pilates classes provide mats for the participants, some don’t. In either case, an exercise mat may be an investment you want to make. This is particularly true if you want to practice Pilates on your own at home. You can purchase a quality Pilates exercise mat at many class locations, on the Internet or at stores.

Another investment you should make as a new student of Pilates is in the purchase of workout wear. When doing Pilates your clothing should be comfortable; not too loose and not too tight. Shoes are often not required.

When to Eat and Drink

Pilates exercise is hard work, even as a beginner and starting with a mat routine. You should plan to attend your Pilates class at least an hour after your last meal. This will ensure a comfortable work out. You should also arrive to your class hydrated and with your water bottle in hand. A hair tie for long hair is recommended so there is no interference in your exercise routine.

Don’t Jump in with Both Feet

As a beginner to Pilates, it’s important to become familiar with the equipment and the routines. This will ensure you gain the most from your exercise experience. Plan to start out doing mat exercises to gain confidence and build up some muscle strength.

Attend a beginner’s Pilates class for the best results. As you become familiar with the concepts and what the results should be, you will be able to focus more on utilizing the Pilates equipment. Some of the benefits you will gain from beginning Pilates are increased flexibility, developing a strong core and more awareness of your body’s ability to move and stretch. You can also start to prepare for a beginner’s Pilates class by stretching at home each day.


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