Pre Pregnancy Diet Tips For A Healthy Birth

A healthy pre pregnancy diet will not guarantee that you get pregnant, but it will maximize your chances and benefit your health. Here are some tips to have you in great nutritional shape by the time you do conceive, and get you on a path for healthy eating that will last throughout your pregnancy.

Talk with Your Doctor

You can review your concerns with your doctors, and they can help you through any issues that may be important to you achieving a healthy pregnancy. They may be able to help you with any lifestyle habits that may be affecting your fertility. You doctor can also refer you to other professionals, such as a dietician, that can help you make healthy diet choices.

Get Folic Acid

Folate plays a critical role in cell development and growth. Folate, a B vitamin, is most commonly found in beans, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruit. It is recommended that women looking to get pregnant take folic acid, the synthetic form of folate in fortified foods and supplements, at least a month before conception to reduce the risk of neural tube defects by up to 70%. 400 mg of folic acid daily is recommended from either foods or supplements.

Get In Shape

Being active before pregnancy and being at a healthy weight will improve your chances of having a comfortable and active pregnancy. Just moderate activity when pregnant can help to alleviate back pain, swelling and gaining too much weight. Generally though, how active you are during pregnancy is determined by your activity before, so work on getting in shape pre-pregnancy for the best results.

A healthy diet and exercise can help contribute to a safe and complication-free pregnancy. Start evaluating your diet and exercise now and making the necessary changes so that you are on track once you conceive.


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