Practicing Portion Control? Plate Size Information For Weight Loss

A portion control plate may be beneficial when you are practicing portion control. What is a portion control plate? These can be special plates used in conjunction with a specialized wellness plan that teaches one portion control. Yet, you can also create your own portion control plates by using smaller plates in place of the larger ones in your dish set.

Portion Size Chart

The portion control plate is an interactive tool that can help one learn the basics of a healthy meal. If you have purchased an authentic portion control plate, it should have a portion size chart printed on it. This plate is also a real melamine dishwasher safe plate.

The portion size chart is used to help us visualize what we can and should be eating to maintain a healthy diet and maintain healthy weight. The plate shows a portion size chart that clearly shows you should eat:

  • ½ a plate of fruits and vegetables
  • ¼ a plate of whole grains 
  • ¼ a plate of lean protein

Diabetic Portion Plate

Many diabetics are using the diabetic portion plate, not only as a diet tool to lose weight, but also as a tool to help them keep their diabetes in check. A diabetic portion plate is similar to any portion plate. It is a way to evaluate the amount of food you have placed on your plate, as well as the size of the plate.

If you are eating on a large plate, you may want to downsize this into a smaller one. This will help you to control your portion size and trick your brain into thinking it is eating larger amounts than it really is. You also need to concentrate on what you are putting on your plate. The American Diabetes Association recommends that you fill your plate half full with non-starchy vegetable, one quarter of the way full of lean proteins, and the last quarter with carbohydrates such as legumes, fruits, starchy vegetables, dairy, and whole grain items.

Portion Control Plate Tips

The portion control plate plan also offers dieters extra tips for continued success and healthy living such as:

  • Limiting sweetened drinks and sodas
  • Limiting fats to less than 20% of your daily intake
  • Eating low fat dairy products
  • Adding exercise to your daily routine
  • Skipping the extra bread and rolls
  • Avoiding buffets 
  • Asking for dressing on the side

Another important thing to keep in mind while eating off of the portion control plate, is that it takes our stomach 20 minutes to tell our brain we are full.


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