Portion Control Scale Measurements To Follow

If you are trying to learn about portion control, you may wish to use a portion control scale to help you with these measurements. A scale can give you an accurate weight of many foods, controlling how much you consume.

The Ideal Portion of Meat

Meats are probably the most measured food. Ideally, a meat portion size is anywhere from 3 ounces to no more than 4 ounces. However, the ideal portion size for salmon may weigh a little more than 3 ounces.

Using a Portion Controlled Plate

Many people are using special portion size plates to help gauge what they are eating. These plates are ideal when measuring meal portion size, since they have a diagram right on the plate showing you the perfect size serving.

To be sure your food is the proper portion, you can use a portion controlled plate and a portion control scale.

When You Can’t Use the Portion Control Scale

Remember when you are eating out (and can’t use a scale to weigh your food), you can still use your hands as a method of judging portion size. Most servings should be no bigger than the size of your own fist.


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