Polymeal Diet

The Polymeal Diet isn’t as much of a weight loss diet as it is a healthy heart diet. However, you will probably lose weight on the Polymeal Diet because you will be replacing fattening, unhealthy foods with better choices. You can apply the principles of the Polymeal to any diet plan, including Weight Watchers, South Beach, Sonoma Diet, and more.

In 2003, researchers found that a Polypill, which included a combination of drugs taken in one dose, reduced heart disease by more than 80 percent. However, they wanted something more natural than drug therapy, and sought out the healthiest foods and the influence of the heart healthy lifestyles of the Mediterranean. The result was the Polymeal, a diet that includes wine, chocolate, garlic, and other tasty foods and that can reduce heart disease by 76 percent, and add years to your life.

The diet consists of foods that have been individually shown to reduce one’s risk of heart disease. These include dark chocolate, wine, fruits, vegetables, garlic, almonds, and fish.

* fruit and vegetables – 14 ounces daily
* fish – 4 ounces, four times a week;)
* a garlic clove
* a small dose of dark chocolate (no more than 100 grams per day; 1 oz = 28 g)
* a small glass of wine daily, preferably red wine

The diet, called a ‘Polymeal’, is most effective for men, adding an average of 6.6 years to life expectancy, compared with men not eating the meal. The scientists also said eating the Polymeal will ward off heart disease among men for nine years.

If you are interested in the Poly Meal Diet, you can incorporate the recommended foods into almost any diet plan, including Weight Watchers, Sonoma Diet, and more. You’ll still lose weight, while becoming as healthy as possible!


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