Pole Dancing Workout: An Exotic Way to Exercise

A pole dancing workout is an exotic, self-esteem-building way to exercise. Engaging in a regular pole dancing routine, from the comfort of your own home or in a private area of a gym, can help you lose weight, get more toned muscles and improve your appearance and health. It can also make you feel more confident and sexy. You can share your routine with a romantic partner or keep the pole dancing a secret. Either way, pole dancing need not involve stripping or being more uncomfortable than you’d like when you pole dance to work out.

A Cardio Workout

One way in which a pole dancing workout makes for good exercise is that it gives you a full cardiovascular workout. Dancing of any sort gets your heart rate up, but pole dancing requires a lot of acrobatic-like bends, flips and kicks with the pole as support. (Of course when you’re starting out, you won’t be doing any complicated maneuvers.) Pole dancing qualifies as an aerobic exercise in that it stimulates the flow of oxygen throughout your body. Aerobic exercise such as pole dancing leads to healthier circulation, stronger cardiovascular and respiratory muscles, and improved mental health, among many other benefits.

A Muscle Workout

Another benefit of a pole dancing workout is that it can function as an anaerobic exercise as well. This means that your muscles will be given a workout on top of your cardiovascular system. As you bend and twist with the pole as leverage, you’ll be stretching and contracting muscles throughout your body. Over time, you’ll build strength, endurance and tone in your muscles. Not many workouts are effective as both aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

A Way to Boost Self-Esteem

While a pole dancing workout has the benefit of being both an aerobic and an anaerobic exercise, it has a big effect on your self-esteem as well. Because pole dancing has such an exotic, slightly risque reputation, you may experience some reservations when it comes to trying out the activity. However, once you take the plunge and try it out, you’ll realize that you’re having a lot of fun. You’ll be proud of yourself for doing what you thought you couldn’t do and you’ll feel more confident.

Over time, as you get more in shape, build endurance, potentially lose weight and get a more toned body, you’ll start to feel more attractive and confident. Engaging in an activity that’s just a little risque can make you feel sexier and more confident in your romantic prowess–whether or not you share your workout with a romantic partner.

Only as Sexual as You Want It to Be

At the same time, you shouldn’t turn away from pole dancing solely because of the sexual connotations. The dance was actually developed early in the twentieth century for circus performers and acrobats because the pole gave them extra leverage to use for their flips and turns. It wasn’t until the later twentieth century that the poles started to become popular in strip clubs. Even today, world-class acrobats use poles in their routines.


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