Plus Size Sweaters: 3 Styles to Love

It is easy to find plus size sweaters that you’ll love. All it takes is an understanding of what will best flatter your beautiful body and highlight your amazing assets.

Sweaters are a necessity almost all-year round. Light sweaters are great for chilly spring mornings or breezy summer nights. Heavy sweaters are perfect for the cold and windy autumn season and for below-freezing winter days. Regardless of the time of the year, being comfortable and fashionable is what matters the most. Here are the top three sweater styles to love.

1. Sweaters with Flattering Necklines

The most lovable sweater necklines are those that flatter. Flattering necklines vary depending on your body shape.

If you have a triangle, diamond or oval body shape, which is characterized by narrow shoulders, then sweaters with a cowl neck, scoop neck, v-neck or boat neck style will work for you. You could also choose any style that widens your shoulder lines or elongates your neck. An inverted triangle body shape’s most flattering necklines, on the other hand, are those that visually narrow the shoulders, such as a sassy asymmetrical sweater.

For a rectangular body shape, sweaters with necklines that fall just below the collarbone makes the neck longer. This creates a sexy and flattering look. Neckline-exposing sweaters, such as sweaters with open collars, v-necks or asymmetrical necklines, also work well for people with hour glass figures.

2. Sweaters That Accentuate the Bust Area

Whether you have a full bust or you’re slightly smaller up top, sweaters with styles that flatter one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body will provide a great look.

For women with triangle, diamond and oval body shapes, what works best for them are sweaters with pleats, ruffles and extra details in the bust area. This style visually enhances the bosom and gives it a fuller look. Sweaters with a sweetheart bodice and empire cut accentuate the bust area and look fabulous on women with an inverted triangle and rectangular body shape.

Women with an hourglass body shape have voluptuous curves in the upper part of their body. Sweaters with lace details or ruffles or any softly draped accent softens the chest area. It subtly shows off the curves without overemphasizing the fullness of the cleavage.

3. Wrap Sweater Overcoat

This sweater style is perfect for all body shapes. It can be worn in so many different ways. A wrap sweater overcoat has a waist belt that works well in cinching the waist. Body shapes with a less prominent waistline, such as a triangle and rectangular shape, can get instant curves with this sweater style. Women with hourglass figures are sure to look more curvaceous with a cinched waist belt.

The wrap sweater overcoat can also be worn loose and untied over a nice dress. The free flowing style gives the illusion of a waistline, particularly to women with an oval or diamond body shape.

Apart from the styles that best fit your body shape, the most lovable styles are those that you’re comfortable in. With comfort comes confidence.


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