Plus Size? Sundress Styles to Stay Cool and Beautiful

Don’t think that being plus size should keep you from enjoying a beautiful plus size sundress. There are plenty of sundress styles that will help keep you cool while accentuating every bit of beauty you possess.


Rule number one when it comes to summer colors is that there are no rules. Summer is all about having fun with the bright, the bold and the beautiful. Explore those purples and greens, add those reds and yellows to your shopping cart, and don’t think twice about throwing on that pink dress. Colors are yours for the taking and will make you feel good. Colorful sundresses are a great way to welcome the warm weather with a bang.

Above the Knee

One of the easiest ways to add weight and subtract height from your look is to wear a sundress that sits below your knees. It immediately makes you look shorter, wider and frumpier. Keep your sundresses at or just above your knees, and you’ll instantly add height and glamour to your look. Make sure you don’t go too high, though, or you may end up showing a little too much skin.

Floral Designs

Your plus size sundress collection should include floral prints for 3 reasons: floral prints are classy and feminine, they are easy to find and they look good on nearly everyone. Plus, floral prints scream summer and are perfect additions to your summer wardrobe. Stay away from prints that are too busy or that incorporate more than two colors, as these tend to reflect negatively on your curves.

Three-Quarter Sleeves

Three-quarter sleeve sundresses work wonders on your arms. They are sexier than short sleeved dresses, but offer more coverage than sleeveless dresses. The three-quarter sleeves are very classy and work best on solid colored sundresses made out of stretchy materials. Full-coverage dresses that are crew neck or boatneck are prefect for the three-quarter sleeve look because they compliment the classy, conservative style of the neckline.

Fitted Dresses

One of the easiest ways to compliment your curves is to get a fitted dress. These are not so stretchy that they stick to your body, but they are not baggy and offer a great silhouette to your body’s shape; the fabric is stiff enough to keep its shape even while being worn.

Layered Sundresses

Layering your sundress with a matching or complementary sweater or light jacket is perfect for evenings or every day wear. This extra layer serves as an accent to your ensemble without adding too much detail like extra jewelry might. This layering keeps your figure looking beautiful by visually slimming your waistline without adding bulk anywhere else.

Your plus size sundress style should express who you are and the beautiful woman you love to be. Don’t let your style be hampered by the heat. Take charge and take notice to the little details your sundress wardrobe has to offer. Have fun with colors and styles, and explore ways to accentuate the great parts of your body that you want to show off. These sundress styles will help you stay cool and beautiful all summer long.


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