Plus Size Prom: How to Choose the Perfect Shoes

Plus size prom dresses: how do you find the perfect shoes to compliment them? Depending on your taste, you can opt to find the pair that matches your dress, or you may want to consider picking out the shoes first. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending the night mostly on the dance floor, so you have to find footwear that will also match your footwork. If you’re finding it difficult to locate those perfect prom shoes, here are some tips that could help you along the way.

Consider the Color

This factor should be first and foremost on your list. Prom shoes and dress shoes come in an overwhelming array of colors and all their gradient shades. Choosing the right shoe color is crucial to your overall look. Don’t assume that black or beige is the safest. The shade of your shoes will also depend greatly on your dress’ color and style. If you’ve already picked out your dress, you might try carrying with you a small fabric sampler so you can easily match it at the shoe store.

Ditch the Ankle Straps

Shoes that cut your legs off at the ankle should be altogether avoided. Though strappy heels are sexy, straps that embrace your ankles are very unflattering. They highlight your calves and your ankles further, and can make your legs look short and stumpy. You don’t have to avoid straps altogether, though; a good strappy pair or slingback could also go very well with your dress.

Choose the Style

Find the style that you think will go perfectly well with your dress. Basic rule of thumb is heels for short dresses, and flats or heels for long dresses. In terms of style, avoid chunky heels such as platforms or wedges. Apart from looking too casual, these heel styles will only emphasize your full figure. Mary Janes are also not recommended for plus size women. Rather, go for slimmer heels, open toes or pointy toes. These have slimming effects and will divert the eyes downward to your toes. If you’re afraid of toppling over midway across the dance floor, go with low heels such as kitten heels. Embellished and metallic flats with long dresses are also acceptable.

Break Them In

Once you’ve picked out the perfect pair, make sure that they fit perfectly. Once you bring them home, don’t keep them in the box too long. Wear them as often as you can without wearing them out before the big night. This will enable the shoes to be a little more flexible and conform to your feet contours. This way, you’re sure your feet won’t be killing you before the end of your prom. 


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