Plus Size Prom: How to Choose the Perfect Dress

If you’re plus size, prom is a time where you want to look your best and highlight your greatest features. Many fashion outlets are carrying plus size dresses that are trendy and stylish. What’s more, plus size prom dresses are specifically designed to highlight your assets. Before you grab the first dress that fits, though, here are some reminders to help you choose that perfect prom gown.

Know Your Size

This sounds like a simple tip, but you’d be surprised as to how people can often go wrong with this. Sometimes girls aim to buy a smaller size and hope to lose weight before the big day. Not only are crash diets not medically advisable, but there’s no guarantee that you will indeed fit into that dress come prom night. To be on the safe side, and to make sure that you’re comfortable on the big day, know your size and buy a dress that fits just right.

Pick the Perfect Undergarment

Though it won’t show, your undergarments play a big factor in your overall prom look. If you feel that your problem area is your midsection, consider wearing a shapewear. This is an undergarment that will contour your torso and control any visible flab. You can try a corset, bodysuit and other similar tummy-tucking undergarments. Just be sure that you are comfortable wearing it, and are not gasping for breath all the time.

Aim for the A

A-line skirts, puff dresses and empire cut gowns are very flattering for plus size women. A-line dresses work very well at concealing wide hips. Empire cut dresses enhance your bustline and fall daintily across your body, downplaying a full midsection. Puff dresses are cute and chic, and their wide skirt designs are perfect for hiding a full figure. Consider these dress styles when picking out your prom dress.

Color It Right

The right color on your dress can spell the different between pass and fail. As a general rule of thumb, darker colors are more flattering for plus size girls. Black is a sleek and classic dress color that you may want to consider. Bronze, royal blue, deep purple and moss green are other classy and sophisticated gown colors that will work to your advantage. Avoid pastel colors, as these only enhance a full shape, and shimmery and metallic materials are also not flattering for your figure.

Dare to Bare

Be sure to flaunt your assets and go for a sexy neckline. Instead of concealing as much skin as you can, you should dare to bare your attractive features. You can certainly find a halter dress that will look flattering on you, or you can pair off a sheer shawl with a strapless number. If you have great looking legs, don’t be afraid to grab a short dress. The key to looking good is feeling good. And, if you’re confident about what you’re wearing, then you’re certain to be the belle of the ball on your prom night. 


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