Plus Size Prom: Beautiful Hairstyles

Deciding on your plus size prom hairstyle is every bit as important as deciding which dress you want to wear. 10 years down the road, you don’t want to look back at your prom pictures and think, “My hair looked like that?!” That is why it is important to explore all of your hairstyle options before deciding on one. Here are 5 beautiful hairstyles that will leave you happy 10 years from now.

The Elegant Side Ponytail

This isn’t the side ponytail you saw in the 80s. This version is classy and gorgeous, and draws all attention to your natural beauty. It is a ponytail that sits at the nape of your neck and to one side. Curl the ends of your hair or set a braid at your forehead’s hairline to put a unique touch on it. This style lightens your look and lets your eyes claim all the glory.

The Classic French Twist

This hairstyle is the perfect complement to a classic look. It works for many different dress styles and pulls weight off your mid-section by visually elongating your body. Throw some baby’s breath or a flower in it, and you’ll be ready for your date in no time. It is a fresh style that will let you feel every bit as beautiful as you are.

The Headband Look

A headband is a great tool for your prom hairstyle because it is both useful and an accessory. Whether you have long hair or short, wearing a headband will bring your face into full view without adding weight to your look. There are plenty of different styles of headbands to fit your look, from classic black to glitter and sequins to artistic designs. A headband is an easy way to open up your face and neckline and leave you looking stunning.

Long with Loose Waves

If you have long, beautiful hair, add loose, natural waves to it and let it hang down your back. This is a flirty little maneuver that will take 10 pounds off your look. Simply set your hair in thick or loose pincurls when wet. Before your hair is dry to the bone, take the curls out and finger comb your hair. Part it on the side with your bangs swooping over one brow and pin the other side up with a hair clip, flower or other accessory. This is a look that screams old 50s Hollywood and gives your beautiful hairstyle all the glam it deserves.

When thinking about your plus size prom hairstyle, take into consideration what kind of dress you will be wearing, how long your hair is and how to bring as much focus to your face and hair as possible. Remember to let your neckline breathe and leave some part of your neck and face open. This will make you look lean and draw attention to some of your most beautiful assets: your eyes. Whether your hair is short, long, curly, straight, red or blonde, use these beautiful hairstyles to give yourself an idea of how your prom hairstyle can make you feel glamorous.


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