Plus Size Jeans: Styles to Avoid

Styles of jeans are always changing and it can be very tough to find a good pair that fits well, especially if you are looking for plus size jeans. Finding the most flattering looks for a plus size frame can take some trial and error. Each brand of jeans has its own design and way of making jeans…and not all will look great on every body shape. Knowing a few tips and styles to stay away from will make the jeans-buying-and-trying-on process a little easier and go a bit smoother.

Avoid Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are a type of jeans that used to be very popular and are now making another comeback. Flare jeans are fitted through the hip and thigh and widen a great deal from the knee on down. Most women carry extra weight in their hips and thighs, so wearing jeans that are fitted in those areas will emphasize those trouble spots even more. Instead of flare jean, opt for a boot cut style or a straight leg style. A boot cut jean design is modeled after the flare jean, but is not as fitted in the hip and thigh area. A boot cut jean will also widen from the knee down, but it does not flare nearly as much as a flared design. A straight leg design follows the same line from the hip all the way down. These jeans do not have any fitting or flaring and are the same width all the way down to the ankle.

Avoid Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans are another popular style of jeans that may not be right for plus size figures. This is due to how they fall on the body.  Excess weight is typically found in the stomach area–where the jeans will sit. This causes excess weight on the stomach to hang over the jeans for a very unflattering and uncomfortable look. To avoid this, direct the search to middle or medium rise jeans. This style of jeans will fall just below the belly button, and if there is any excess weight on the stomach the jeans will hold it in and not cause it to fall over the front. 

Another plus of medium rise jeans is that when you bend over, there is very little chance that your backside will be exposed. Those who wear low-rise jeans always run the risk of exposing a little too much when they bend over.

Shopping for jeans can be a very tough task, but knowing what to look for can help make that task a bit more bearable. Try on any potential pair of jeans whenever possible. By trying the jeans on, you are able to walk in them, bend over in them, squat down in them and see exactly how they will fit your body. This will show you if all areas are covered and how they will look once you get them home and into your regular clothing rotation.


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