Plus Size? How a V Neck Can Flatter and Slim


Plus size V neck clothing styles can do a lot to flatter and slim a plus size figure. Many fashion experts recommend V neck clothing for plus size women.

The next time you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, try a V neck. Whether you are shopping for dresses, tops, coats or swimsuits, you can’t go wrong with V neck styles. Most plus size clothing lines will offer a variety of V neck clothing options to choose from. There’s a reason for this. V necks work.

Why V Necks Work

The reason why V necks are so flattering is because V necklines open up the neck and chest area which gives the appearance of a longer neck. They also draw the eye toward the center of the body which creates the illusion of a slimmer figure.

V necks do great things for a larger bust line. The lower that the neckline of a garment is, the higher the bust appears to be. It’s like getting a lift without surgery. If you’re modest and want to keep cleavage to a minimum wear a contrasting camisole or tank under your V neck clothing. You will still get the effect of the V neck while keeping exposure to a minimum.

Advantages of V Neck Garments

V Neck dresses and tops are great for showing off jewelry. Almost any length of necklace can be worn with a V neck garment. The same goes for earrings. From small studs to long drops, they all work with V necks.

V neck garments are versatile. They are a great neckline for layering. It’s easy to add a blouse under a V neck top or dress to totally change the look of the outfit. Scarves are also great with V necklines. They can be worn many different ways. Try draping a short scarf around your neck and tucking it into the neckline for a softer look.

V necks are not just flattering on plus size women. They are considered a universally flattering cut which makes the neckline a great choice for bridesmaid dresses. It’s also a great neckline to choose when buying a gift for someone when you are uncertain of their style.

V necklines are timeless. This neckline is always in style. Some necklines go in and out of fashion. For example, cowl necks where a hot trend in the late 70’s and they continue to make an appearance in the pages of fashion magazines, now and again. In contrast, V necks are a consistent classic. You will never need to put a garment aside because its V neckline is out of style.

V necklines are great choice for transitional clothing (clothing that can take you from one season to the next). You wouldn’t think to wear a turtle neck in the summer, but a light to medium weight, V neck top can be layered with other garments in the colder months and worn alone when the temperature starts to rise.



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