Plus Size Evening Wear: How to Dress Beautifully

Plus size evening wear was once hard to find. Nowadays, there are more clothing options available for plus size women than ever before. Creating a beautiful evening look is easy, once you have an understanding of how to do it.

Start with a Good Foundation

Undergarments can make or break a look. If you want a smooth and shapely silhouette, invest in some figure enhancing undergarments. These aren’t your grandma’s girdles. Modern day shape wear can be very comfortable while addressing a whole host of figure challenges. At most department stores and specialty shops, you can find: 

  • Bras that smooth back rolls
  • Waist cinchers
  • Thigh trimmers
  • Tummy tamers
  • Unitards for all over shaping

Play up Your Assets

What are your best features? Whatever it is that you love about yourself, be sure to draw attention to it. Use your clothing and jewelry to highlight your best features.

  • Sparkly earrings (draw attention to beautiful faces)
  • Rings and bracelets (put the emphasis on lovely hands)
  • Necklaces (can be used to highlight the bust)
  • Short dresses (show off shapely legs)
  • Strapless dresses (accentuate lovely shoulders)
  • Empire waist dresses (enhance small busts while camouflaging thick waists)
  • A-line dresses (flattering to every figure type)

Choose Flattering Colors

Wearing colors that are flattering on you will help you to feel beautiful. What colors do you feel good in? If you’re not sure, take a clue from your surroundings. People often decorate with colors that they resonate with. Another way to see what colors would be becoming on you is to check your undertones. People with pink tones to their skin tend to look good in cool shades. Those with yellow tones tend to look better in warm shades.  All colors give off an energy that can affect mood.

  • Black (classic for evening, though some may find it depressing)
  • Navy (sophisticated and unexpected)
  • Red (sexy and high energy)
  • White (elegant and ethereal)
  • Light blue (calming)
  • Yellow (uplifting)
  • Pink (feminine)

Other Evening Wear Options

Mention evening wear and the first thing that, usually, pops into most people’s heads is dresses. However, there are many other options available. If you’re not comfortable wearing a dress, or just want to try something different, consider these options:

  • Silk blouse with palazzo pants
  • Long skirt with a twinset
  • Tunic over slim pants
  • Pant suit
  • Skirt and camisole

Don’t Forget the Accessories

The difference between day and evening wear often lies in the accessories. The right bag, shoes and wrap can transform a plain outfit into something spectacular. You no longer have to match your bag to your shoes, but they should compliment each other. Metallic shoes and handbags are festive and go with almost any outfit. Bright accessories give an unexpected pop of color to neutral clothing. Animal prints can give a sexy edge to an outfit. Make sure your shoes are comfortable. Sky-high heels may be fashionable, but it’s hard to feel beautiful when your feet are hurting.


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