Plus Size? Dress Sexy! Top 5 Best Accessories

If you’re looking to dress sexy, plus size “rules” can stay in play while you use accessories to make your look fun and fashion forward! Some of the best accessories can even stick with you from winter to summer or day to night. The key is to play up your best features with your clothes, but show your personality with some accessorized flair.

Here are 5 accessories that can help flatter your body shape:

1. Scarves

This traditionally winter only item is glammed up for year round wear in feather-weight fabrics, gorgeous patterns and tons of color. So, you can wear your solids or slimming blacks, and spice it up any time of year. Try folding it in half and draping over the back of your neck. Stick the ends through the loop and pull. Hot!

2. Flats

Go easy on your feet with a cute pair of flats. Go for a flashy color like turquoise or magenta. For extra flair, pin a cool brooch to the top of one shoe in a contrasting color. If you are buying a neutral pair, like black, go for a black and white pattern or something with great texture.

3. Statement Bags

Who doesn’t love a great purse? You can find a couple nicely priced ones at discount stores or local discount department stores so you can develop a great pile of different types. Make them super-interesting by carrying a cute bag with ruffles, sequins, or a bowling-bag style in an eye-catching color like purple or yellow.

4. Shades

The right sunglasses are not only sexy, but also offer great sun protection, so you get much more bang for your buck. On top of all that, they can really modernize your look. Just be sure to find a style that compliments your face shape. As a rule of thumb, buy frames that contrast the shape of your face. In other words, if your face is rounder, for example, shoot for a more square frame. If you have a long face, don’t purchase frames that are large from top to bottom. If you like the extra sun protection from large frames, try ones that are large across the face, or that wrap slightly to your face. A small design or color at the temples will slim the face as well.

5. Layered Necklaces

Pile on a few cute necklaces for added interest. Add a bunch of different stone bead necklaces in a wild variety of colors over a simple black, navy or gray shirt. Or, drape on long silver necklaces in a variety of lengths that have different patterns and varied thickness. These will add interest to a simple top, but keep your other jewelry mimimal — just add small earrings or very simple bracelets if you wear other jewelry as well.

Instead of going out and spending all your hard earned money on clothes, spice up some simple classics with great accessories that go with everything, anytime!


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