Plus Size? Dress Sexy! How to Choose Flattering Jewelry

Don’t be afraid to dress sexy if you’re a plus size girl. If this concept is foreign to you, try starting with small changes. Add some flattering jewelry to spice up your wardrobe. Before you head out to shop, read on and discover some tips that will help you to choose the most flattering jewelry for you.

Scale and Proportion

The first thing to consider when shopping for jewelry is scale. Delicate chains and earrings can tend to get lost on a plus size girl. Bold dramatic pieces look great and will be more in proportion and flattering to your figure.

  • Large cocktail rings are a fun way to add bold, dramatic jewelry to your wardrobe.
  • Bold bangles and cuffs are fun to wear, and are just the type of large pieces that flatter plus size women.
  • If you have a round face, stay away from round hoop earrings. Try an elongated hoop or a drop earring instead. These shapes have a slimming effect on the face.
  • Longer necklaces open up the neckline and frame the face beautifully. Try stacking several chains together and wear with a silky, white blouse for a sexy, yet classy look.

Have Fun with Color

Jewelry is fun way to experiment with fun colors.

  • Try adding a colorful beaded necklace to a simple black dress to update and enliven your look.
  • Graphic, black and white, and enamel pieces look amazing on plus size women.
  • Silver and gold worn around the face can lighten it up with a sexy sparkle.

Ensure a Proper Fit

It’s important that your jewelry pieces fit properly. Necklaces and bracelets that are too small are not flattering and can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are extenders readily available that can be added to pieces that are too short. You can also find great, larger pieces at specialty, clothing shops that cater to plus size women. Or, try the online stores that feature plus size jewelry. They typically carry bracelets 8 inches and up and necklaces 18 inches and up.

Fine vs Fashion Jewelry

Both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry can be used to add a punch to your wardrobe. Fine jewelry is made up of precious metals and stones. Fashion jewelry can be made up of a variety of materials such as crystals and glass. When shopping for jewelry, a good tip to keep in mind is to purchase fine jewelry in classic styles, so that they are always current. Use your fashion jewelry wardrobe to keep abreast of all the hot trends. It’s also fun to mix and match fine and fashion jewelry together for a unique look that’s all your own.

Now you have all of the knowledge, you need to find flattering jewelry. So, go out and choose a few great baubles to add some sexy sparkle to your wardrobe!


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