Plus Size? Dress Sexy! 5 Sizzling Shoe Styles

You can always dress sexy if you’re plus size, because there are many versatile styles and looks out there that can enhance your assets. Plus size women used to have trouble finding plus sized shoes due to the width of their feet. This is no longer the case, as more and more brands are recognizing that plus size shoes have different dimensions. You will now surely be able to find a pair that’s stylish, trendy and very comfortable, such as the 5 following styles:

1. Stilettos

Granted that walking on stiletto heels requires a lot of practice, in the end, it will be worth it! These long, thin heels have a very smooth and seamless vertical line that will elongate your figure. The dainty look of stilettos will veer attention away from your full figure, and make you look leaner and taller. Make sure to avoid sandals with an ankle strap though, because this will highlight your calves and ankles. Walking on stilettos is also great for your posture, making you walk straighter and more upright. A Pair of stiletto mules or slip-ons is perfect for completing your sexy look.

2. Peep-Toe

This shoe style is great for full figured women. Eyes will tend to travel vertically down towards your toes, hence giving you a slimming effect. Peep-toe or open-toed shoes are also a staple to sexy outfits. Don’t hide that pretty pedicure, and flaunt it whenever you dress sexy!

3. Pointy-Toe

If you don’t want to wear open-toed shoes, a great alternative to this is donning a really pointed pair. Pointy-toed shoes, whether sandals or boots, are fantastic for creating a slimming effect and making your figure look longer. This gorgeous style exudes sophistication and daintiness, and will make your overall appearance look more elegant. Also, it keeps eyes constantly darting down, giving you a more vertical look and causing a slimming effect.

4. Slim Thongs

Though heels and pointy sandals are most ideal for elongating your figure, here’s an alternative for when summer hits and you want to strut your stuff comfortably. You can dress sexy with very thin-soled flip-flops or thong sandals. These slip-ons have that strap that draws the eyes towards your toes, creating a more vertical look. What’s more, a very thin sole will create a more dainty and sophisticated overall look for you. Opt for metallic sheen or glittery sandals, because these are perfect for creating a slim effect.

5. Embellished Shoes

Though this is a great tip for plus size shoe shopping, you have to make sure you go with the right design. Stay away from gaudy overly-decorated pairs, and opt for those with a discreet and elegant design. Shoes with Swarovski crystals or a bit of shimmer will take attention away from your full figure and lead the eyes vertically to your shoes. This is a great way to complete your sexy look while appearing slimmer and sexier.  


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