Plus Size? Dress Sexy! 3 Tips to Wow

It’s easy to dress sexy in plus size clothing when you know how to play up your best features. You can knock ’em dead with the perfect combination of chic and sexy. Truly, sexy isn’t limited to a particular size–it’s all about knowing how to work with what you have and exuding confidence whereever you go. Follow these tips to wow the crowds with your sexy look.

1. Pick Your Sexiest Feature and Play it up

Everybody has a best feature. Maybe yours is a killer pair of legs or a voluptuous bosom. It could also be a feature above your neck, like thick shiny hair or deep brown eyes. Whatever your best feature is, chances are it’s also your sexiest feature. Therefore, you need to play it up!

The key to sexy is focusing on one particular feature–not everything at once. Ever seen somebody who is letting it all hang out (i.e. tight short skirt with plunging neckline and flashy jewelry)? It looks cheap, not sexy. If you have great legs, show them off with a short dress or skirt and leave everything else covered (consider wearing a long sleeve shirt with a high neckline). If your breasts are your best asset, wear a v-neckline and a fun necklace that draws the eye to that area, but stick to a longer skirt or a pair of pants. If you have great hair, add lots of volume and finish with shining spray. Wear a top with a lower neckline to draw attention up to your face. Same goes for any sexy facial features–use lower necklines and sparkling jewelry to draw attention to your face.

2. Wear Fitted, Structured Fabrics

Often times plus size women want to hide their bodies under baggy, ill fitting clothing. This is the opposite of what you should do. Instead, you should find clothes that fit closely to your body. Stretchy knits are hard to pull off at any size. You’ll want to opt for structured, tailored garments in sturdier fabrics that hold their shape (i.e. cotton blends and lightweight wool blends). It’ll depend on the shape of your body, but a simple structured sheath dress or a fitted blazer over a pretty cotton blouse paired with an A-line skirt or wide-leg pair of trousers generally look good–and slimming–on all body types.

3. Wear “Your” Color

You know how certain people have that “wow” factor and you can’t keep your eyes off of them? Many times it’s because they’re wearing a color that looks great with their coloring. Think about the garment you wear that gets you the most compliments–it’s probably in “your” color. Whether it’s a vibrant, sexy red that goes great with your skin and dark hair or a green that highlights your brown eyes, wearing the right color is an instant way to look sexy.

The most important tip on how to be sexy is to be confident. Sounds cliche, but it’s true–know that you look great and others will, too.


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