Plus Size Coats: How Buttons Can Slim or Expand

There is a wide variety of plus size coats that flatter your figure. Did you know that buttons on plus size coats help make or break your look? Forget the myth that you have to bare skin to look sexy. Be ready for the occasional rains and show off your curvaceous body with these tips on choosing plus size coats with buttons.

Coats with Buttons

Choose coats with buttons over coats with snaps or zipper on the side. Buttons give a sleek silhouette and draws the eye to your front, not sides. Snaps add unnecessary bulk and are not durable. Snaps can pop open anytime. Zippers can be hard to reach because they’re placed on the back or the side. When the zipper is located on the side, it can skew your silhouette because it doesn’t always follow your shape.

Never ever buy a jacket in a smaller size, thinking it’ll make you look smaller. Wearing a smaller jacket and leaving the buttons undone will even expand your silhouette because the jacket will look even smaller. When you cannot button up due to the heat, keep the jacket from flapping when you move by closing one. That way, you look stylish and comfortable.

Many Buttons vs Just One

Double-breasted coats are very slimming and versatile. You can go from a professional to a casual look just by not using the second column of buttons. The first column buttons can also be moved from second to the first column of buttonholes to adjust to changes in your size.

Waist-length coats also look better on you if you button up the last two or three buttons on the waist. This is a great look as it enhances your hourglass figure. Coats that have one button in the waistline are also a good choice. The lone button cinches your waist and serves as a nice centerpiece to your outfit.

Button Types

There are a wide variety of button shapes and kinds – round, flat, square, bulbous, flower-shaped, etc. Since we aim for a more curvy silhouette, choose buttons that are flat and do not add bulk to your frame in front. Stick to this rule also when deciding among buttons made of different materials.

Button Tone

The color of the coat buttons can also influence the perception of your size. Choose coats with buttons that are the same color or a shade lighter than your coat size. Buttons that are darker than the coat draws attention to themselves, not to your other flattering shape.

Plain-colored buttons are better than printed ones, especially when you are buying a trench coat with big buttons that are proportional to its length. Always go monochromatic or two-toned.

When choosing the right plus size coat, buttons are major consideration next to the style of the coat. Like any other accessory, make buttons work for you by choosing the ones that best complement you.


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