Plus Size Coats: 7 Styles to Avoid

Finding a good plus size coat can often be the most important choice of your wardrobe. A plus size coat is expensive, and you want to make sure you make the right choice. In addition, coats are worn frequently in cold or rainy weather and cover the rest of your outfit. Many times, your coat will make your first impression when meeting someone new. Choosing the right coat is important for all women, but it is especially important for plus size women. The wrong coat can make you feel unattractive. If you want to look your best, here are a few plus size coat styles you will want to avoid.

Light Colored Coats

Light colors on a plus size coat allows the shadows of your contours to stand out, drawing more attention on your size than you would like. It is important to avoid white and yellow plus size coats. Instead, choose a plus size coat in black, dark blue, dark purple, or deep red. These colors will actually make you look slimmer.

Bulky Coats

Any plus size coat with a little added bulk to it will make you look bigger. Bulky coats may look warmer, but don’t be fooled by them. You can often keep yourself just as warm, if not warmer by wearing multiple layers of clothes that fit closer to your body.

Short Coats

Short plus size coats that only go down as far as the waist do not help you look thinner. They make you look short and wide, especially for those plus size women who are shorter than average. In contrast, plus size coats that go to mid-thigh or longer give you the illusion of being taller and slimmer.

 Tight Coats

Just as you shouldn’t buy bulky coats because they make you look bigger, a tight plus size coat can do the same thing. The best thing to do is find a plus size coat that fits a little loose, but doesn’t contain a whole lot of bulkiness. Trying on plus size coats and looking at yourself in the mirror is the best way to judge if it will make you look larger.

 Funnel Neck Coats

These plus size coats are dangerous because they give you the appearance of having a shorter neck. By covering more of your neck, it brings more attention to your chin, which may cause a double-chin to appear more noticeable. In addition, if the funnel neck is unzipped, this coat will add more bulk to your chest area.

Trench Coats

Trench coats button up over your chest and torso causing them to stand out and look bigger. They hang straight down hiding any contours and curvatures.

Coats with Belts

If you have a plus size coat with a belt wrapped around your waist, it makes your stomach stick out and look larger.

With a little careful planning and knowing what to avoid, you can find a good plus size coat to help you look and feel attractive. That is important for any woman.


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