Plus Size Coats: 4 Flattering Traits to Look For

Plus size coats come in many styles to choose from. Don’t be intimidated by all the variety. Enjoy the luxury of being able to choose from a myriad of possibilities for plus size women. Whether you need a trendy or classic style, a heavy or light coat, a casual, professional or formal look, look for the following traits in a plus size coat to help you choose the perfect coat for you.

1. Cut

Always choose a tailor cut. Structured coats are most flattering for all body types. The coat should have well-defined shoulders and a tapered waist. Even better are coats that have the two vertical seams in front (and at the back that hem in extra fabric) and do not add bulk to your figure.

Avoid coats that have no shape or have too many pleats. Your curves should not be de-emphasized by a coat that’s straight cut or is too loose. A-line coats expand the silhouette. If the coat has a straight or A-line cut, ensure that you wear a belt with it or that it has buttons that cinch the waist.

2. Fabric

Tweed and wool have traditionally been used for structured coats. Cashmere and leather are decadent in winter, while linen and cotton are comfortable in summer. There are also synthetic fabrics that add value, like those that are breathable, water-resistant, or do not need ironing.

Whatever fabric you choose, avoid fabrics that are too clingy, flowy and do not support the shape of your coat. Ribbed or textured fabrics that have flattering vertical grooves are preferable over fleece, which hides your hourglass figure. Consider this when choosing sweater coats.

3. Neckline

Show off your assets by choosing a neckline that extends your shoulder line and exposes your neck. Scoop, boat neck, v-neck and other necklines that go below your collarbone are sure to be flattering for you.

Do not choose turtlenecks or other styles that hide your neck. If the coat has a zipper or buttons up to your neck, consider buying a scarf in a lighter shade, a pop of color or a complementary print. You can zip down or unbutton the coat to below your collarbone and wear the matching scarf. That way, you’ll stay warm, cozy and stylish.

4. Length

Coats are most slimming when they fall mid-thigh or lower. Your curvy silhouette is accentuated, and you are most protected from the elements. You can also choose a hip length coat as long as it hugs your figure and it has the flattering traits listed above. Try a belt on, and if it expands your hips, do not buy it.

As for sleeves, 3/4, 5/8 and bracelet-length are best on you. Any of these lengths will provide great proportion to your coat length. Make sure your sleeves do not have details that make your arms look large, like puff sleeves or pleating.

Remember that comfort is key and confidence stems from comfort. When choosing plus size clothing, especially coats, keep this in mind and do not rush. Variety should be liberating, not daunting. Happy shopping!


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