Planning Your Own Low Carbohydrate Diet Food

Are you searching for a low carbohydrate diet food plan? If you are, the best way to start is by making small changes. You can do this by looking at your snacks. By replacing your high sugar snacks with low carb snacks, you are well on your way toward a great start. However, you may wish to take more detailed steps.

Low Carb Diet Foods Versus High Carbs

If you don’t know the difference between high carbohydrates and low carbohydrate diet foods, then you must learn this now. A high carbohydrate (sometimes called a bad carb) is one that is made by man or machine. It is processed or refined and not eaten in its natural state. Candy, baked goods and sodas are all considered bad carbs. Good carbs are carbohydrates that can be eaten in their natural state. Fruits and vegetables are good carbs. Low carbohydrates are carbs that are also low in calories. Most fruits and vegetables can also fit into this category as well.

Choosing Low Carbohydrate Diet Food

Weight loss plans and diet plans should take into consideration your own individual tastes. If you plan on eating foods, even low carbohydrate diet foods that you do not like, you will soon become bored or will not want to eat them in the first place. Consider your taste buds as you consider low carbohydrate diet food choices:

  • Most meats (except liver)
  • Fish, shellfish
  • Low-starch green vegetables
  • Fruits (except high glycemic ones such as bananas, citrus, pineapple or watermelon)
  • Whole grains

Using A Carb Counter

A carb counter can be very helpful when you are on a low carbohydrate diet plan. Many of these can not only count the carbs in the foods you eat (along with the added daily amount of carbs you eat), but can also count the amount of protein, fiber and fat you are eating as well.

Finally, remember to add a little wiggle room in your diet plan for those days that you feel stressed (or on those days that you just have to have a bad carb).


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