Pizza Hut Nutrition Facts

Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza chains in the world. As you try to manage your health, you will likely be faced with the opportunity of eating pizza from this restaurant. He we look at Pizza Hut nutrition facts, and how they can help you make healthy eating choices.

Surprising Nutrition

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t necessarily need to send all pizza to the junk food graveyard. Pizza Hut pizza contains a useful amount of nutritional value in its food. Iron, calcium, and Vitamin A are all valuable nutrients offered in any slice of Pizza Hut pizza. A plain cheese pizza with any crust has twenty percent your daily nutritional requirement of calcium and eight percent of Vitaman A. You also benefit from the balance of carbohydrates and protein in pizza. A hand tossed plain cheese contains 12 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbohydrates, both of which are necessary to the healthy function of your body.

Not to be Mistaken for Health Food

As much as we’d like to, Pizza Hut pizza can’t be romanticized into a health food. All the bad stuff is in there too. Calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol are all found a high levels in a slice from Pizza Hut, even vegetarian pizza. On the worst end of the scale is the Pan Crust Meat Lovers, with 370 calories, 22 grams of fat, 45 mg of cholesterol and a heart-stopping 990 mg of sodium. On the other end, one slice of Thin N Crispy vegetarian pizza still contains 180 calories, 7 grams of fat, 15mg of cholesterol, and a whopping 550 mg of sodium. Even if you  leave off a little cheese, that’s about as healthy as it gets. It should be noted, however, that one McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese has remarkably higher levels of all these health-hurting contents, (fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories) than any slice of Pizza Hut pizza. In the fast food health arena, Pizza Hut is no angel, but certainly not the worst demon, either.

Pick the Right Pizza

Pizza Hut offers variety. It’s true, no matter what you order, it’s going to have more fat and calories than a tofu and vegetable dish. But you can make healthy choices that give you all the pleasure of pizza with less diet damage. For instance, different types of crusts are available. The difference between a Pan Crust and a Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust can be around 70 calories. Similarly, you can save fat and calories by going with lighter toppings. A ham and pineapple pizza carries around 120 calories and twelve grams of fat less that a Meat Lovers.

Portions Make all the Difference

But perhaps the most important part of “picking the right pizza,” is how much you pick. Say two slices of Pizza Hut pizza total 600 calories. That seems like a lot. But if you find yourself comfortably full at the end of those two slices, you really haven’t ruined your diet in any way. You’ve just had an entire meal composed of one of your favorite foods, and 600 calories is a reasonable amount for any meal. Even if you are restricting your calories intake for weight loss, you can still make room for a reasonable portion of pizza.

You’ve probably heard that pizza is off limits for people with serious good-health goals. If you are on sodium restrictions for your health, this might be true. Depending on your condition, it is very likely that Pizza Hut pizza can still be a guilt-less part of your diet.


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