Pilates vs Yoga for Weight Loss

When it comes to Pilates vs. yoga for weight loss, most people look for the one that focuses on the three S’s, which include strength, slimming and stamina plus coordination, stress relief, flexibility and posture. You probably have friends involved with both and advise you likewise. Pilates and yoga work well together, and after reading this article, you just might decide to do both. Since Pilates and yoga have similarities, the following paragraphs will show you the differences in the two so you can make an informed decision yourself. The choice also depends on what it is you are looking for. Both used for rehabilitation, Pilates and yoga can be adjusted for a wide variety of people.

Pilates Purposes and Benefits

Pilates is safe for all fitness levels and ages because it is low-impact in nature. Performed either on a mat or on a special machine called a Reformer, Pilates involves a regimen of calisthenics, which isolate each muscle group without creating bulk. The focus is physical conditioning involving deep core strength, coordination, body tone and produces long lean muscles. Pilates enhances circulatory and respiratory function and help manage arthritis pain while improving the overall health of the spine helping to prevent back pain.

First created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, physical therapists often use it in recovery programs urging clients to keep up the exercises for protection against future injuries. It is said that Pilates is abdominal intensive, using the core abdominal for every movement strengthening and enhancing posture and agility. Joseph Pilates created six principles, which include centering, control, concentration, breath, precision and flow.

Yoga Purposes and Benefits

The benefits of yoga are extraordinary, having a spiritual and philosophical focus, which is actually a holistic practice steeped in India culture. Yoga unites the body, spirit and mind using exercise, breathing and meditation. Beyond exercise, yoga is a lifestyle change to create unity and strengthen our minds, bodies and hearts. According to Nardini, it also “detoxifies the body by flooding it with healing oxygen, stimulating hormonal balance, and flushing out the muscles, organs and lymphatic system.” Yoga improves focus and is emotionally restorative.

On a physical level, Yoga will balance all systems including menopausal symptoms and menstrual discomfort. It involves controlled breathing for increased lung capacity, improving muscle tone and stamina, as well as boosting metabolism and aiding in losing weight. Regular practice increases joint range of motion, improves digestion and stimulates the thyroid. Yoga boasts of having a pose to counteract all your ailments along with support for muscles, organs and joints.

Yoga has been in the U.S. for many years, while Pilates is much newer and still has some people wondering. The fact is that they are both dynamic workouts and they both deliver real results while making you feel and look great.  There is no reason why you cannot practice both, whether you are wanting to limber up with a rejuvenating workout or give yourself an all over conditioning.


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