Pilates Supreme: Use Equipment To Enhance Your Workout

Whether you chose an advanced Pilates workout program at the gym or Pilates supreme at home, both are designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Pilates equipment training is designed to sculpt the body in contrast to building bulky muscle that you get from traditional weight training. Moving from mat Pilates, a beginner’s Pilates, to intermediate or advance, will involve a variety of specialized Pilates machines in a progression of exercises. 

Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is a staple in any pure Pilates gym. Its main purpose is to increase core stability and improve posture. While some exercises may seem effortless to first timers, it is an illusion. The Reformer works the interior muscles that have not been worked by traditional fitness equipment. Exercises performed on the Reformer, which is a gliding platform apparatus, are low impact. The body is toned by engaging all the extremities of the body, but without any stress to the joints.

Pilates Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac, also known as the trapeze table, is a bit intimating at first sight. Designed originally to rehabilitate bed ridden patients, its inventor, Joseph Pilates, created a bridge from rehabilitation to fitness. It has a cage-like four poster structure with straps and belts and uses gravity as a component in working the muscles. It requires a certified Pilates instructor to administer specialized exercises and is usually used to round out an individual’s overall program.  While over 80 exercises can be performed on this apparatus, it is particularly helpful in strengthening the abdominal muscles, the back, the shoulder girdle, and increases overall flexibility.

Supreme Pilates

The Supreme Pilates Training System developed by Ellen Croft, is a program that can be used at home without a certified instructor. The system includes a mat and a specially designed apparatus, the Supreme Pilates Machine. A DVD demonstration and fitness manual are provided for instruction on use of the machine and the Pilates mat exercises.  Interestingly enough, it also comes with a Winsor Pilates Dynamic Sequencing video produced by Mari Winsor and a Supreme Slimming Eating Guide. 

Its worth noting that, Ellen Croft and Mari Winsor, two of the Pilates fitness industry leaders, have supported one another in this interesting combination. This endorsement adds additional creditability to Pilates as a viable and modern fitness program. In recent years, these two women, and many others like them, are taking pilates workouts to new heights. Whether at home or at the gym, expanding your pilates routine to include equipment, promises to take you to new levels on your fitness journey.


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