Pilates Classes – When Your Home Workout Isn’t Enough

While working out at home can be convenient, sometimes it might take others to keep you motivated and inspired. When your home workout isn’t enough, consider signing up for pilates classes. Most health clubs and pilates studios offer pilates classes for a variety of skill levels, throughout the week.

Types of Pilates Classes Available

You can choose private pilates classes, duet pilates classes, or group pilates classes with an experienced and qualified yoga teacher or pilates instructor. Many classes introduce pilates equipment, including the popular Pilates Reformer:

  • With private instruction, you can have the advantage of personal attention, which is especially helpful for beginners. Most pilates studios provide private pilates lessons. Many pilates instructors will also provide lessons at your home.
  • Duets are classes with only two people and one instructor. This type of class can be fun for friends who are at a similar skill and fitness level. The cost of duet classes is usually split between the two friends. If you are interested in duet pilates classes, but don’t have a friend who is also interested, you can ask your pilates studio or fitness club if they can pair you up with any of their patrons who might also be interested in duet pilates classes.
  • Group pilates classes are very popular because they are the most affordable type of pilates class. Pilates classes using Pilates Reformer machines are usually slightly more expensive than pilates mat classes. Both types of group pilates classes provide effective fitness and wellness benefits. Many beginners like to supplement group pilates classes with a few private lessons to make sure they are getting the personal instruction they need to perfect their movements and skills.

Get the Most Out of Your Class

Before you sign up for any type of pilates class, make sure you take these items into consideration:

  • Make sure the instructor is a certified pilates instructor.
  • Be sure to sign up for the correct class for your skill level, and advance to more challenging levels as your pilates skills progress.
  • It is a good idea to start with either a pilates mat or pilates reformer class for beginners. Hybrid classes are for experienced pilates experts who have advanced pilates skills.
  • If you have any injuries or special needs, be sure to let the instructor know before class starts so the instructor can help you modify the pilates routine to accommodate your needs.

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