Pilates: An Exercise Program That Strengthens Your Core

For quite some time now the words core strength, core conditioning, and Pilates exercise have become pretty prevalent in all discussions about weight loss and fitness plans. There are good reasons for Pilates and core strength being mentioned in the same breath.

Benefits of a Stronger Core

A stronger core can lead to better overall health for you in a number of ways. It can give you more strength throughout your body, increase your endurance and energy levels, and even help to relieve stubborn back pain that you may be experiencing. What you may not realize is that having a six pack does not necessarily mean that you have a strong core. Core strength is about more than just pumping out a hundred sit ups now and then. That is why so many people are turning to pilates exercises to really get the benefits of a stronger, stabilized, and balanced core. Core strength exercises are all about going beyond the muscles you see out in the open, and deeper into your body so you can move freely and feel better.

Why Are Pilates Exercises so Good for the Core?

It is easy to come across information on why you should be doing Pilates and what the benefits are, but how does it work? Pilates focuses around the key core muscle, the Transervsus Abdominus. This is the deepest muscle within your core and strengthening it can ensure that your internal organs, lower back, and core are protected. Pilates teaches you to engage this muscle by pulling in your abdomen while keeping your spine still. This is an added bonus for you and your body, as this is what creates that flat tummy that people will start to take notice of.

Pilates: A Complete Body Workout

Now you do not want to get too carried away with the Transverus Abdominus, as the core is about much more than that. Pilates exercises allow you to also work on your pelvic muscles, obliques, and your diaphragm. Essentially, your core is a cylinder, and Pilates attacks it from every direction to ensure that the cylinder is impenetrable. With each of these muscles engaged at once, your body is put into a powerful state that it is not used to, but will absolutely love. You may be sore after the first few workouts, but in a short time your body will look great, your core will be stronger, and you will feel better.

The Key for Pilates Success

The key for success with Pilates exercise is to enter into a program with baby steps. Choose a book, a video, or join a class. Find out what you need and prepare yourself. All you need to begin is a Pilates mat and an open mind. Learn the basics, get comfortable, and get in touch with your body. Not only will your core be strengthened, but your mind will be strengthened as well.


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