Personal Yoga Training At Home

If you are looking at a unique way of incorporating a good strength and fitness regimen into your schedule and don’t have a lot of time, personal yoga training is a good alternative.  It provides the effectiveness of a series of stretching poses (for development of strength and flexibility), as well as a good therapeutic effect throughout your body, mind, and spirit.

What is Yoga?

A philosophy behind the basis of yoga is called the eight “limbs.” In living a whole and fulfilling life, each aspect of these eight limbs is practiced and built upon.  These eight “limbs” relate to:

  • moral behavior towards oneself and one another
  • breathing and yoga postures
  • concentration
  • withdrawal of senses
  • meditation
  • enlightenment

Differnt Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga is done with a mat and provides many poses and stretching that helps muscle obtain flexibility and tone. It is one of the original branches of yoga and is good for meditative aspects and restoration, as well as the positive effects on the body.

Pranayama Yoga focuses more on breathing technique to properly distribute the flow of energy throughout the body. This type of yoga should be learned under the guidance of an experienced instructor since its effects, while most effective when practiced for weight-loss, can poses substantial risks if done improperly.

Ashtanga Yoga is made up of six pose sequences that are extremely strength taxing in nature.  This style is effective in weight loss by way of repetition of advanced poses in a rapid, flowing manner.

Equipment You Will Need

You will need a basic yoga mat to lay on for several of the poses that are done.  It is also good to have a rug that you can fold up or roll up when doing certain poses that require back support.  A thick towel could be used for this purpose as well.

You will also need foam or cork blocks for yoga poses that require you to touch the floor and provide alignment support during standing poses.

Straps are recommended to extend reach for certain poses where you may not be able to reach your feet or other hand while doing your poses.

Allowing yourself to enjoy the benefits of yoga in your own relaxed atmosphere is conducive to obtaining the best results for you.  You work at your pace and your own privacy, allowing yourself to concentrate on your poses and fitness goals.


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