Perfect these 4 Kickboxing Techniques

There are a few kickboxing techniques that are essential to master for anyone wanting to take up the sport, or just to give it a go as an alternative method of losing weight and keeping fit. It is important to have good form when performing the basic moves of kickboxing, as it can be all too easy to injure yourself if they are not performed correctly.

1. The Stance

The way you stand is the first important thing to learn, as all of the other techniques will not be correct if the stance is wrong. First of all, stand with your legs shoulder width apart, then move your right leg back the same distance and angle it 45 degrees to the right. You should stand on the ball of your foot, with the left foot flat on the floor, both knees slightly bent.

Raise your fists up in front of you, the left one in front of you and the right one at your right temple. Finally, keep your chin tucked in to your chest.

2. The Kick

The kickboxing kick is in essence a fairly simple move, but there are a few important things to remember to make the kick effective, strong, and safe for you to do without injuring yourself. Whilst in the fighting stance, first angle the left foot out slightly, swing the right leg forwards by raising the knee, whilst at the same time throwing the right arm down in an arc and pulling the left fist to your left temple. This will add momentum to the kick and at the same time protect the left side of your head from attack.

As your leg swings forward, you want to twist your hip and ‘throw’ your leg forward at the target, which should be around waist height.  The idea is to hit your opponent with your shin bone in this particular kick. 

3. The Knee

To knee correctly, again from the fighting stance, you want to reach forward and grab your opponent by the head, then simultaneously bring his head down whilst swinging your right knee up to meet it. Add more force to the strike by raising yourself up a little on the toes of your left foot and leaning back a little. After the strike, you can return your right knee to it’s original position or place it in front of you, leaving you in a reverse stance

4. The Punch

A popular ‘one-two’ jab is the most basic form of punch and is very effective against an attacker.  Remember that a combination of more than one strike is much better than a single blow.

To punch correctly, begin from the stance mentioned above. With your left fist, rotate and extend your arm out towards the eyeline of your opponent. The idea is to connect the knuckles of the index and middle fingers to the eyebrow or the chin as these are the best areas to strike that will knock a person out.

As soon as contact has been made, at the same time, quickly bring the left fist back to the original position in front of your face whilst delivering the same punch with the right fist. This time, rotate your shoulder and body into the punch by twisting around slightly on the ball of your right foot. This will a more momentum and power to the punch, whilst keeping you balanced and protected from a counter attack.

Although these are very basic kickboxing techniques, they are the foundation of any martial art and will go a long way in helping you with self defense, as well as adding an additional element to your weight loss and fitness workouts


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