Pear Shaped? What Not to Wear

Every body shape has its own challenges and advantages. Those women who fit in the category of ‘pear shaped’ needn’t feel frustrated simply because they have rounder hips and bottoms than other women. Knowing the tricks to dress a pear shaped body end in beautiful results.


Duluth Superior Magazine reported in their January, 2010 issue that pear shaped women benefit by understanding a few rules when shopping for pants. For example, tapered pants should be avoided. Pants need to have a pant leg that falls straight down from the knee. A boot cut pant leg also works to balance rounder hips. Wearing pants of the proper length, that fall to the top of the instep, help to create an illusion of length to the legs.


Pear shaped women have shoulders more narrow than their hips. The goal when choosing tops entails attempting to balance the top half of the body with the bottom half. Shirts with horizontal necklines, as opposed to button down tops, help draw the eye upward. Choosing tops no longer than the hip, avoids the issue of shirts accentuating the roundest area of the body. Jackets and sweaters that button at the waist help create a curve at the waistline, forming an hourglass figure.

Skirts and Dresses

Dresses that cling to the hips emphasis a pear shape. Fuller skirts, on the other hand, camouflage the hips. Avoid dresses and skirts that feature large patterns, as this draws attention to the bottom half. For the same reason, dark skirts and dresses with darker, solid colors are most appropriate for those trying to balance a pear shape. Pockets should be avoided, as they emphasis fuller hips. Dresses that tie at the waist create a slimmer looking mid-section. Garments with an empire waist fall gracefully over the hips and suite pear shaped women.


Shoes with a heel add an appearance of length to the legs, making hips appear smaller. Shoes with a pointed toe further elongate the leg. Rounded toe shoes, on the other hand, appear to cut off the leg, giving a shorter, stubby look.

Keep in mind that shoes with a generous cut, that show the start of the toes, are much more flattering than a closed to shoe. Tight stockings help smooth the legs and give a sleeker appearance. Stockings should not have a color that conflicts with the shoes, however, as this breaks up the appearance of the leg and draws the eye of onlookers down toward the bottom half of the figure.

Jewelry around the neckline draws the eye up to the top half of the figure.  For example, larger necklaces and earrings accentuate the top half of the body. Avoiding large, ornate belts is advisable to keep attention away from the hip and thigh area.

Pear shaped women may wish to invest in a subscription to one of the current fashion magazines. Stories on dressing for various body types are frequently featured. These articles also help readers dress for their shape using the latest fashion trends.


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