Pear Shaped? Three Foods to Avoid

There are many different shapes that people can be and one of those is pear shaped. Knowing your body shape can be very beneficial in helping with weight loss efforts. To know if you are a pear shape, measure your hip circumference and waist circumference. Then, do a waist to hip ratio. If that ratio is below 0.80, you are pear shaped. 

As a pear shaped woman, you will carry the majority of your weight in your lower half, mainly in the hips, butt and thighs. A pear shape is a tough shape because any fat that is not used immediately as energy is stored. To help combat this storage, there are certain foods that should be avoided.

1. Full Fat Foods

Every pear shaped women, in shape or not, should avoid full fat foods. Twenty percent of caloric intake should come from fat. Since fat is stored so easily, pear shapes need to be very careful what types of fat they are eating. Aim for unsaturated fats. Items high in Omega-3 fatty acids are also great to combat fat. When shopping, look for items that are low-fat or fat free. Just about every produced now has a low-fat or a fat free version. These will give you the same taste, but your fat intake will be much lower and therefore, reduce the amount that can be stored in the pear shape zone. Foods to add to your diet are items like salmon, trout, almonds, flax seed, cauliflower and cabbage. 

2.  Salty Foods

Foods high in salt should be avoided. Pear shaped people are prone to varicose veins and inflammation. Eating foods with a high salt content adds to the risk for these complications. Many unhealthy foods have a high salt content. These foods should be cut out of the diet. When cooking and salt is needed, there are salt alternatives available that can be used in place of salt. These alternatives are made of herbs, spices and vegetables. Visit your nearest health food store to see what they have available.

3.  Junk Foods

Junk food is another type of food any pear shape should stay away from.  Sweets, candy and foods of this nature do nothing to help fight off excess fat. These will add to the problem, and will most likely increase cravings for this type of food. These are empty calories and should be avoided; if you do indulge, do not do it often.

Pear shaped people will carry additional fat around their lower halves. Changing up the diet is a good place to start to keep the weight under control, but exercise needs to play a role as well. Because of where the fat is located, resistance training will be vital to fight this. Squats and lunges are the two exercises that need to be done the most. These will strengthen the muscles and these muscles will help to reduce the amount of fat stored. Knowing what shape you are, you will have a leg up to know how your body is working and what to do to stay in shape.


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