Pear Shaped? 4 Best Features to Accentuate

Pear shaped ladies, fret not about your wardrobe options! There is a science in dressing every single body type, and there’s no need to worry about how you’re going to conceal your flaws. The secret to concealing your flaws is accentuating your best features. It’s easy to only see your pear shaped body in a negative light–we all have the tendency to be our own worst critics. When you begin focusing on all of your positive features, though, you can play them to your advantage. And, you do have great features. Everybody does. Read on to learn about the features you should be accentuating on your pear shaped body.

1. Show off That Waist!

In having a pear shape, your thighs and hip region are going to be the largest part of your body. This means that your waist is going to be smaller. Play it up! You can easily define your small waist by wearing a wrap top or dress that draws eyes to the middle of your body. Wear a waist-cinching belt around a dress or top to accentuate your middle.

2. Show off Your Upper Body!

If you have great toned arms, wear tops and dresses that play them up. If you don’t, you can still draw attention to your neck, collar bone and bust. You should wear clothing that draws one’s eyes to the upper portion of your body. A nice v-neck top or dress typically does the trick. You can also wear something embellished to bring the eye toward the detail. A big and fabulous necklace paired with an otherwise simple ensemble, like a black dress or a simple pair of slacks and a plain colored top, puts the focus up around your face and not on the lower areas of your body.

3. Show off Your Bust!

Get out your push up bra! You can give the illusion of having more of an hour glass shape by making your bust appear larger. Without showing too much skin, wear a lower cut top with a bra that gives you an extra boost. You can even combine this effort with showing off your waist. Wear a v-neck top with a waist-cinching belt and a pair of dark trouser leg pants that sit on your hips. Keep the entire ensemble a dark shade (you can never go wrong with black) for an overall slimming look.

4. Show off Your Legs!

Wear a skirt or dress that sits about one to two inches above your knee. With a pair of killer heels, your legs will be the main focus. Avoid stretchy fabrics that cling to your hips and thighs. Instead, opt for looser fabrics like jersey and modal blends. Consider an empire waist to accentuate your upper body.

When you know how to dress the body you have, you never have to feel uncomfortable or self-conscience in your clothing. Play up your favorite attributes.


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