Paso Doble Dance for Weight Loss

There are many forms of exercise on the market today, but none of them have the stirring level of emotion as the tantalizing paso doble dance. Performing this dance develops your core strength, to allow you to stand tall and proud while doing the movements. You will increase your coordination and balance while working all the muscles in the body. The paso doble is a weight bearing routine that will increase your heart rate and give you a major workout. Learning to breath and dance with strong emotion also gives you a cardiovascular workout. 

Dance to Overcome Obesity

If swimming, biking or jogging is just not something you are interested in, maybe dancing to music would be something you would like to give a try. The vigorous fast paced dances like the pasa doble dance can help you burn 200 – 400 calories an hour while having a great time. 

There are many dance studios around. If your a bit shy, get a dance video and work out at home. Dancing is a great way to overcome obesity. It really works more muscles in the body than you realize. People who dance for the first time are amazed at how sore they are the next few days. More muscles are worked in ways that most people are not used to using.

Start Slowly

You must start dancing slowly to give the muscles time to adjust to the new movements of the workout. As with any exercise, breathing is very important. If you do not breath right, you will get out of breath and will have to stop before you should. When starting dance, you will not realize how the movements are working the muscles, so you must pace yourself. Breath in through the nose and out the mouth. As you increase the speed of your steps, feel your muscles tighten with each step.

Suede Shoes

Learning the steps of the paso doble is one part of the dance, but the real effect and show has to do with the upper portion of the body and how you hold it. The arms give the flair as you place the arms in style holds to tell the feeling of the dance. To give a sure footed step throughout the dance, the correct type of shoe is very important. Shoes must be able to slide and glide on the dance floor. Suede shoes will glide across the dance floor, allowing you to turn and keep you from twisting an ankle. Never dance in shoes with a rubber sole as that will increase the risk of injury.

Dance Time!

One of the best rewards of learning the pasa doble dance is when you attend an extravaganza in a sexy sparkling dress for the first time. When you attend a dance you will be able to show off your steps, as well as your new sleek body that has become firm and strong from learning the dance and practicing the steps of the pasa doble. Whether going with a partner or by yourself, you will feel great in your new body.


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