Overweight? Gorgeous Haircut Ideas to Slim Your Face

Everyone has a different face shape and a good haircut can make the face look slimmer. Anyone carrying any amount of extra weight most likely does not feel that they look their best. With a good haircut, certain things can be done to change the way that the face comes across.  A haircut can be a traumatic event for some people, but if they go slow and make minor changes, a great end result can be realized.

Mix Up Your Part

Before you go and head straight to the salon, try changing up your part. There are many different ways a part can be done. A part can be done in the middle of the head, to one side or the other or even a designer part can be made. Some people like to do a zig zag part or a diagonal part. Another option for a part is to not have one at all. Try out all the different options and see which one works the best for your face. 

Add Bangs

Bangs are a bold way to try to slim up the face, but it has to be done right. A thick blunt bang is not a good way to achieve this affect. This will widen the face and make it look larger. Opt for a lighter, wispy bang. A side swept bang or an asymmetrical bang is a great look for a type of bangs to slim the face. These add dimension to the face.


Layers are a great way to slim the look of the face. They add dimension to the face and will also soften the lines of the face. Layers are also excellent for adding volume and texture to the look. A straight, blunt haircut at any length widens the face just like blunt bangs do. To add even more depth, dimension and volume, add highlights to the layers. The highlights will brighten the face.

Shorten the Length

When people grow out their hair, there comes a point that the hair will get too long. Once it hits this point, the hair will just hang and will do nothing for the face. It will hang there and look thin, and widen the face. To stop this from happening, a shorter hair length is something to try out. It will add volume to the hair since excess weight is not there. The short length does not necessarily need to be super short, but it does need to be at a length that improves the face. One may need to do some trial and error to find this perfect length, but it will be worth it.

Everyone has different hair and different face shapes, so to get the slimming effect, there are a few different tricks that can be tried. Not all will work for everyone, but if done correctly and by a professional, the hair can be made to look its best and the face will reap the benefits.


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