One Day Diet

The premise behind this diet is that you can eat whatever you normally would if you weren’t dieting one day, as long as you eat nothing but One Day Diet wafers the next. You’ll repeat the wafers every other day until you reach your goal. Affinity, the Multi-Level-Marketing company that makes the One Day Diet, tells us that it’s easier to stick to their diet as long as we know our favorite foods are just one day away.

We’re not convinced this is the best way to lose weight. What you are actually doing is starving yourself 50% of the time. Plus you are probably not making the healthiest choices on your food days, especially since the diet plan insists that you eat your normal non-diet food. We could not find a reference to eating healthier foods in their advertising. We also did not see a recommendation to exercise. Their advertisements were filled with numerous red flags.

On your diet days, you will consume 2 wafers every hour, for 10 hours. The 20 wafers contain a total of just 180 calories and weigh 2 ounces (total). You are encouraged to drink a lot of water. If you absolutely MUST eat something, you are only allowed some fresh fruit.

The wafers contain a tiny amount of calcium and protein, and a few selected vitamins and minerals, though not as much as you would get with an inexpensive multi-vitamin tablet. The product also contains a variety of supplements that are frequently sold for weight loss, though generally recognized as ineffective and offer potential side effects.

All you are really paying for is the opportunity to fast every other day. If you must do that, we suggest you not waste your money on this product, which currently costs about $40 for a 2 week supply and covers 7 diet days. It’s just plain silly.


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  • Sildem Gandy

    Hi! I am the new owner of Affinity Health Products, inc.
    We are not associated with the prior company that went under the same name and later as and now doing business as Real Water. It is no longer an MLM and we are not either, though we do have an affiliate program.
    The product “The Original One Day Diet” is still the same. I understand your concerns about the product. My rebuttal is just that we do have many, many customers that have done very well with it. One just called me today, 10 June 2009, to sign up as an affiliate because he lost over 60 lbs on the diet and his friends are asking him how he did it. The diet program does allow you to eat lean meats (in small quantities) on your diet days plus fresh fruits and vegetables. Also it is recommended to keep an eye on what you eat on your “non-diet days”. We have a 100% guarantee on the first bottle less s/h. if returned within 30days.
    I hope to be selling a larger supply for the same price.
    The point is it works for many people if followed per the instructions.

  • Vickie Poole

    I am very excited, I just ordered my first round of wafers to start the one day diet. Im just wondering how many days it last and how much more I should order!!

  • Vern Lisk

    This is actually on the list of much better articles regarding those who We have keep reading this particular subject recently. Excellent deliver the results.

  • andrea

    I have done the one day diet before, and it worked for me. Now I want to lose even more weight, and I am starting my 3rd diet day tomorrow, today I noticed my clothes where loose, and my tummy had shrunk some. The one day diet plan also offers a liquid vitamin you can buy extra.
    I drink A LOT of water and iced tea, I go to the gym on my NON DIET days, and I take vitamins.
    This is not just water weight loss – I’ve starved myself before (a more unhealthy way) and I do notice a difference between the two.. aside from the veggies and fruit, they also say you can have egg whites on your diet days if your hunger pangs are bad. I’ve tried it all before, and this one works great. My ONLY complaint is.. the wafers are nasty tasting and make me gag!! I can’t chew them up.. so I break them into smaller pieces and swallow them like pills and that works just fine lol – I wish they where in a gel cap though!
    10 lbs in 7 days? YES – and its worked for me before.