Omega3 Fatty Acid: Enhance Health With This Necessity

Enhancing our health could be as easy as making sure that we incorporate Omega3 Fatty Acid, a beneficial nutrient, into our diets regularly. This can be done by making wise food choices such as adding fish and salmon to our diets, incorporating special oils into our diets, or even by taking the short cut of adding certain supplements to our diet.

Benefits of Adding Omega3 Fatty Acids to Our Diets

There are many health benefits provided by omega3 fatty acids.  Some of the well known health benefits are: 

  • lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • reducing inflammation thus helping to reduce pain and stiffness
  • reducing the odds of cancer cells growing in the body 
  • helping to reduce and maintain weight

The Popular Fish Oil

Most people hear the words omega3 fatty acid, and they quickly think of fish oil. Fish oil is not only high in omega3 fatty acid, it is very easy to incorporate it into our diets. Many people take fish oil supplements daily, as well as adding fish itself to their daily menus.

Another sometimes overlooked benefit of adding fish oil to one’s diet is its ability to promote weight loss. It does this by helping to reduce insulin levels and speeding up one’s metabolism.


Flaxseed is another omega3 fatty acid that is growing in popularity.  Its nutty flavor makes it a popular choice to sprinkle into cereal, put on top of vegetables, and even add to bread and muffin recipes. 

Flax seeds have many health benefits, but their most known health benefits are: 

  • their ability to reduce blood pressure
  • their ability to lower cholesterol 
  • their ability to help reduce the amount and intensity of hot flashes

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is not an omega3 fatty acid that springs to most people’s minds. But, considering its many health benefits, more of us should consider adding this to our diets.

Cod liver oil is made up of many types of fatty acid.  One type is called DHA and it is an essential part to a healthy diet.  DHA is a fatty acid that helps our nervous system and our eyes.  It can also reduce depression symptoms. It may even may help pregnant women ensure that their baby’s nervous system develops properly, as well as help them to cope with depression during and after pregnancy.

Cod liver oil is also made up of EPA fatty acid that helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system and decreases inflammation (along with Vitamin A and Vitamin D).

Those who do not like the taste of original cod liver oil may be happy to know that it now can be found in flavors such as lemon.

Enhancing One’s Health Easily With Omega3 Fatty Acids

Since it can be as easy as sprinkling flax seed onto your cereal or adding fish and cod liver oil to your daily routine, why wouldn’t anyone want to give omega3 fatty acids a chance to enhance their health? If you have no allergies to the substances, you have nothing to lose.


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